Carmel Edu Care Young Three's Class

Weekly Newsletter (11.3-11.8)


Some highlights:

  • Friends worked hard on learning more about the letter "C" as well as name identification.
  • During Talking, Drawing, Writing, we explored activities we liked to do outside after reading "Froggy's Day With Dad". Friends drew a picture of their favorite thing to do outdoors.
  • We made campfire art (hanging on our art wall), and S'mores during art time on Thursday!

Camping Fun

On Thursday, our class had PJ day and a fun "camping" trip. I left the tent up during nap time and pushed friends' cots/sleeping bags together so we could all sleep around our tent and pretend campfires. I think the kids really enjoyed it! After nap time, we made take home s'mores! Pictures are below, of course!

Next Week.... Native American week!

Have a great weekend.