Interactive Websites & Other Resources

Math Vocabulary

Math Words - vocabulary and illustrations

History of Mathematics

  1. Teaching Mathematics - how math has played a role in history
  2. The Abacus - history of the abacus

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus & Calculus

  1. Visual Calculus
  2. Calculus-Help - excellent site of videos of calculus concepts
  3. Math Guide - interactive site with lessons and practice problems
  4. Math is Fun - basic concepts with practice questions at the bottom
  5. Algebra 1 Problems
  6. Math Vids - hundreds of math videos for algebra, geometry, trig and more!
  7. Math TV - Excellent site of math concepts from basic algebra through calculus
  8. Illuminations

Teacher Resources

  1. Illustrative Mathematics - explains math practices at each level and gives math tasks
  2. Mathematics Assessment Project - MDC, lessons, tasks
  3. CPALMS - website with lessons and vetted resources
  4. Three Acts Mr. Meyer - videos and tasks for high school students

Video Creation & Interactive Video

Video Creation

To start with, here's a good overview of Video Creation Tools on the Chromebooks: Five Options for Creating Videos on Chromebooks

Options (most have apps in the Chrome Web Store):

  1. Wideo - create animated & Common Craft-style videos
  2. WeVideo - Reminiscent of iMovie and Windows Movie Maker; create using templates or full editor
  3. Magistro - automatic creation of videos from uploaded content after selecting a theme
  4. PowToon - another optioon for animated videos; how-to video on site listed above
  5. Screencastify - record your desktop with voice over
  6. TechSmith SnagIt - grab images / screenshots or video from your screen; add effects; share.
  7. Stupeflix Video Maker - combine photos, clips and music to create video

Interactive Videos

  1. EDpuzzle - try this example
  2. Playposit / Educanon
  3. Zaption

Other Resources


  1. Georgia Standards
  2. Engage New York
  3. PDE SAS - assessment creator