Peek Through Our Window

A glimpse into our week at YLS

February 12, 2016

3 Adar Alef 5776

Dear Parents,

Take a peek through our window to see what we explored, discovered, created, celebrated, and wondered this week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Rachael, Morah Sharona, and Morah Yael


  • This week we explored the natural world. We went to the Delaware Nature Society where we learned about trees and the sap they produce! We walked around the beautiful grounds and felt the trees so that we can know how to identify trees that produce sap. Then we headed back to the cabin to watch as that sap turned into maple syrup. We also were able to hear about the Native Americans who discovered sap long ago. The stories were told all while we warmed up by a cozy fire place.

  • As we continue to work on our personal Siddurs, we have explored the text of Shemoneh Esrei. We learned about how the Avot were the first people to daven Shemoneh Esrei. We also worked on translating the Hebrew so that we can have a deeper appreciation for the words that we say. We realized that we are constantly talking about Hashem as our protector as He is our “Magen,” our shield.


  • We discovered that we can find three-dimensional solid shapes right here in our learning space. As we learned the names for new solids, we thought of objects we use that have those shapes. We searched our learning space to find examples of these solids-- we found a cylinder in our blue blocks, we found a tissue box that is a cube, and we found a globe that is a sphere!

  • In Parshat Terumah, we discovered so many interesting facts about the Mishkan. We were excited by the tapestry and building materials. On Friday, we had Rabbi Wasserman, our expert, from Kohelet Yeshiva High school come to speak with us about the Mishkan he and his students created using 3-dimensional printing. He was accompanied by students who were very knowledgeable on the MIshkan and the process of creating it. We enjoyed seeing what the Mishkan would look like in such a real concrete way!


  • After thinking about the kinds of chessed we could do for others, we created chessed tools with which to do them. We thought about what we need to do chessed. Some friends made food as a tool to feed people in need; others made hammers to build homes for people who don’t have them. Some friends created fans to help keep people cool. Others created telephones with which to call sick friends. Another friend created a drone to look for people who need chessed.


  • It is always important to sit back and reflect on all we have accomplished. Therefore, this week we decided to have reading time where friends paired up and shared the books they had learned to read. It was a really special time for everyone to sit back and celebrate all that they have learned.


  • We wondered-- how does it feel to receive chessed? We asked our parents to share their experiences as recipients of chessed and to explain how it felt. Our friends shared these conversations with the class. We practiced receiving chessed by doing acts of chessed for each other and reflecting on our reactions.

Ivrit at YLS

Dear Parents,

This week we continued expressing how we are feeling in our morning greeting by answering the phrase: מה שלומך? We reviewed בינוני , קטן ,גדול and compared objects in the classroom such as set of mixing bowls. We continued learning the names of foods and have added some new foods to our vocabulary. We read a story featuring the same Savta as last week. This story included the familiar words: ילד (boy) , כובע(hat), כלב (dog), בקר (morning), and דלת (door). We identified and labeled a new classroom space: מטבח (kitchen).

Word we learned this week:

Door- דלת

Window- חלון

Bulletin Board- לוח

Kitchen- מטבח

Tomato- עגבניה

Potato- תפוח אדמה

Cucumber- מלפפון

Pepper- פלפל

Carrot- גזר

Mushrooms- פטריות

Onion- בצל

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Yael