The Eleventh Plauge

super.....Danny Ward

Family is the most important thing.


Stephen is a boy who, after his grandfather dies, is very depressed. He only has his father left, so when his dad falls into a coma he feels alone. Then he meets new people, friends, at a city where he lives for the rest of the book.


Jenny is very mischievous she sneaks around and is thought by some to be a spy for the fort. Stephen is one of her only friends. She starts a lot of fights, and is always getting in trouble.


The setting takes place in a desolate waste land

very little food or water

and nobody for miles


Jeff Hirsch

"A year or so after grad school I started reading books from writers like M.T. Anderson, KL Going, and David Almond and was blown away by the quality of writing that was going on for teen audiences"

"I wrote throughout High School but was also pretty wrapped up in the process of becoming a big ol’ theater nerd. I wrote stuff and directed plays and performed in shows like Indians, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Taming of the Shrew, The Man of La Mancha and various others."


Stephen is living in a sad world where there isn't much to do the world must be civilized but that's hard to do alone.


To solve the lack of population Stephen goes to a city. And stops the city from being destroyed by a fort, simply by asking for a truce, at that point everybody really appreciates jenny and Stephen.
The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch


Stephen is living in a very sad world. His mother, grandfather, and many friends have died in P11. Stephen's father is the last member of his family. Stephen's father falls into a coma. a family offers to help. so they take him to a city. where he meets jenny. Jenny is thought to be a spy for the fort just like Stephen. Stephen gets into trouble at the school of the city and is given two more chances. Jenny gets him into a fight, and he has one last chance to prove himself. Jenny plays a prank on the city and almost kills everyone, but Stephen and Jenny stop it just in time.