Granger School Weekly Newsletter

Nov. 18-22, 2019

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

***Early release this Friday at 1:00 p.m.***

Granger Lions will take on the Bruni Badgers this Friday, November 22nd at Pearsall with a kickoff start time at 7:00pm. We will be the visiting team. Come out and be loud as we go for another Area Championship in the 2nd round of the Texas State HS Playoffs. Prices are $5 for adults and $3 for students. THSCA, TGCA and District passes will be accepted. Go Lions and Finish Strong!

Nov. 18 Fourth Grade field trip

Nov. 20 Kona Ice

Thanksgiving Break Nov. 25-29

Dec. 2 We Are Granger shirt orders due

Dec. 4 UIL Elementary Writing/Speaking in Holland

Dec. 5 Senior Pictures in student center

Sunday, Dec. 8 Free Teen Tech Interactive workshop for parents in Cedar Park

Dec. 11 Granger hosting elementary UIL

Dec. 19 Elementary Christmas Program 2:00-3:00 pm in New Gym

Gifted & Talented Nominations due Dec. 20

Planning Ahead:

1st Wed. of every month: Monthly Morning Meetups with Mr. Abbott and Dr. Resla 8-9am in the student center

Christmas Break Dec. 23-Jan. 7 (for students)

Weather Watch:

*Please check the school website ( ) or social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter) for any updates and possible school closures during inclement weather.

*Check your phones, emails, and phone call messages for closures and updates.

*Check local news.

*The website will have all of the protocols and procedures posted for inclement weather for your reference.

***Please make sure your child's contact information is up-to-date!***

Check this out! Who knew?

Book Fair success! Thank you for your support!

Each year the library is transformed into a book store, bringing delight to students and fond memories to parents. (Pictures below.)

Shout out and Thank you to:

5th & 6th graders for helping Pre-K-1st make wish lists

Student, Maggie Hamby with setup, decorations, and wish lists

Library Aides Adrian McIntyre & Bruce Lay

Alana Ardnt, our School Based Mental Health Professional (She helped decorate and keep our sanity with much comic relief! ;)

Elizabeth Pineda, Parent Helper

And a super big shout out to parent Melissa Piepmeier. Mrs. Griffis doesn't know what she would do without you!

Last, but not least, Parents, as always, you rock! Thank you for supporting the library and encouraging reading!

All proceeds raised will go towards the growth and care of the school library.

Donna Griffis, Library Director

Books Don't Get Hungry! And Other Book Behaviors

Friendly library book care reminder: Do not feed or water library books . The turkey dinner and desserts are wonderful, but don't let the books fool you. They don't get hungry, but will practice growing penicillin with the tasty morsels.

During the holidays, they tend be shy and go into hiding. They like to disappear at your host's house as well. They are good at that.

Pictures from Fire Safety/Bus Safety Program last Friday!

Pictured below:

Third graders in Mrs. Lewis's class during workstation/small group instruction.
Big picture


*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

Elementary Awards Dates

Time: PreK-2nd: 8:10AM - 9:10AM 3rd-4th: 9:20AM - 10:20AM

2nd 9 weeks, January 17, 2020

3rd 9 weeks, March 27, 2020

4th 9 weeks, May 27, 2020

Renaissance Universal Screening

Jan. 13-17 Reading MOY

Jan. 20-24 Math MOY

April 6-10 Reading EOY

April 13-17 Math EOY

STAAR Testing

STAAR EOC December Retakes:

Eng I – Dec 10

Algebra – Dec 11

Eng II and Bio – Dec 12

STAAR Spring Dates:

ENG I – April 7

4th/7th Writing – April 7

5th/8th Math – April 7

5th/8th Reading – April 8

ENG 2 – April 8

ALG 1 – May

BIO – May

US Hist – May

8th Science – May 7

8th Social Studies – May 8

3rd/4th/6th/7th Math, 5th/8th Retake – May 12

3rd/4th/6th/7th Reading, 5th/8th Retake – May 13

5th Science – May 14

Secondary Bell Schedule

Jr. High Class Periods

1st 8:00-8:46

2nd 8:50-9:36

3rd 9:40-10:26

4th 10:30-11:16

Lunch 11:16-11:46

5th 11:50-12:36

6th 12:40-1:26


Advisory 2:20-2:50

8th 2:54-3:40

High School Class Periods

1st 8:00-8:46

2nd 8:50-9:36

3rd 9:40-10:26

4th 10:30-11:16

5th 11:20-12:06

Lunch 12:06-12:36

6th 12:40-1:26

7th 1:30-2:16

Advisory 2:20-2:50

8th 2:54-3:40


· Pre K 10:25 – 10:55

· Kinder – 1st 10:30 – 11:00

· 2nd-3rd 10:35 – 11:05

· 4th 10:40 - 11:10

· 5th 11:10 - 11:40

· 6th - 8th 11:16 – 11:46

· 9th - 12th 12:06 - 12:36



8:50-9:36 Ivicic

12:40-1:26 Mr. Irisawa 3B


8:50-9:36 Chapman

12:40-2:50 5th Grade Classes

2:50-3:20 Pre-K


8:50-9:36 Steffek

12:40-1:26 Marek


8:50-9:36 Repa

10:30-11:16 Q. Kubacak

12:40-1:26 Michalik

1:30-2:16 Lewis 3A


12:40-1:26 Vanek

1:30-2:16 Sessums

Ninth grade every other Friday during 2nd, 4th, 7th Periods

Monthly Character Development Themes:

October: Responsibility

November: Respect

December: Friendship

January: Perseverance

February: Honesty

March: Self-Discipline

April: Leadership

Helpful Links:

Academic Counseling Service link:

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder:

Gifted & Talented Nomination Forms:

Video guides to college financial aide:

Overview of the Financial Aid Process :

How to Create Your FSA ID :

2019-2020 FAFSA Full Walkthrough :

After the FAFSA: What Happens Next :

Parent resource on E-Cigarettes and JUUL prevention:

Parent Portal to grades & attendance:

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