Get out of your comfort zone, be the change the world.

Waiting your arrival... Hi, how are you!

All Cludepos wait impatiently to know so we can share together the best experience of your life. All the committee thanks you that we have chosen to achieve the greatest impact on your life, so we will be helping in this process.
AIESEC UDEP is a committe that continually grows and with 3 years history is a reference point breaking schemes in GCDP. We are committed to always deliver an amazing and powerful experience to our incoming and outgoing students!

Live in Perú.

Perú with population of 30 million, is the 4th largest country in South America. It is an extremely diverse country, with a huge variety of scenary thanks to it's geography and solo a wide range of natural resources. Part of this acient society still lives today in each town and can be seen through the customs of the people and the peruvian culture.

Set List.

.Common pills* .Dictionary* .Digital camera .Firts aid kid* .Flag .Map .Money local currency .Notebook* .Padlocks .Rucksack .Souvenirs .Winter clothes.


Our activities during your experience.

  1. IPS - Incoming Preparation Seminar an event where we seek to break the cultural shock through various activities.
  2. LEAD - They are sessions tht aims to measure your development yourself with community and the world.
  3. LC ACTIVITY - Time to share time with our local comitee. We organize some activities to chare some time together.

When and what time you have to come...

It's advisable to buy tickets days before the start of the project.

Our projects usually start on Mondays, so we suggest you arrive between Thursday and Friday. Because we plan to develop the IPS (Incoming Preparation Seminar) during all the Saturday.

  • thursday - Friday --> Arrivals of trainees
  • Saturday --> IPS
  • Sunday --> Free day
  • Monday --> First day of the Projects.
We ask you to have some consideration in arrival times. Our members are students of the university so they have strict schedules. So we put some time that we can pick up. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.



*Fly tickets.



*A small video about you.

Send all the documents to.




*Pick up

*IPS (Incoming Seminar Preparing)

*Sessions LEAD (Learn, Engage, Activate, Deliver)

*Some emergency



When you arrive to Perú, Lima. You have to sign "memodeal". This is a document that will know about your rights and obligations during your experience.


It's necessary to have your personal information. We want to choose the richt Buddy and the Host Family.

For all the volunteers who begin incredible exprience in our country and who will be a part of the change and the positive impact peru!

Alexandra Linian Baca

Vice President of incoming Exchange for Community Development Program of AIESEC UDEP.

Liz Arce Cornelio

Project Manager of Standards and Satisfaction of AIESEC UDEP.

Yuliana Grajeda Tristán

Project Manager of XPROs of AIESEC UDEP.

Cesar Calderón

Project Manager of PBOX of AIESEC UDEP.