Things I Like to do on my Free Time

By Kate K.

I love to draw.

Drawing makes me calm down and relax. I have lots of canvases, acrylic paints, artist pencils, and colored pencils. I learned how to draw a really good eye, (Picture down below) At first the first thing I drew was a superhero for a art class and I fell in love with drawing them. them I started drawing just regular people, and now I can draw actual eyes for them.
Big image


I LOVE doing Karate. I have been doing Karate since I was 4 years old (9 years). I reached my goal of a Black Belt April 2014. Now I am going for my 2nd degree!

Run! Run! Run!

Running is a thing that I really like to do. I was in cross country for school and I loved it! Running helps me get my mind off of things.