Asthma is when spasms in the Bronchi of the lungs causes difficulty of breathing. This is a common chronic condition that affects people's every day lives. There is no cure for asthma, but most people can control the condition and lead normal, active lives. It can be serious and life threatening.


  1. As of 2012, more than 18 million adults and 6 million children suffered from asthma.
  2. In the last decade, the number of people with asthma increased by 15%.
  3. Asthma costs the country more than $50 billion every year in health care costs.
  4. In children, boys are more likely to develop asthma than girls, but in adults, women are more likely than men.
  5. Asthma is the cause for children missing more than 10 million school days a year.
  6. College-age adults (ages 18 to 24) are more likely to develop asthma than older adults.
  7. WHO estimates show that 235 million people currently suffer from asthma.
  8. Asthma in children is the cause of seven million physician visits and nearly 200,000


  9. Asthma accounts for almost 2 million emergency room visits each year.

  10. Nearly 7.1 million asthma sufferers are under the age of 18.

Things You Should Do

- Stay away from smokers

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Reduce Stress

- Use Air purifiers

- Use Allergy-proof covers on pillows and matresses

- Keep inhaler ready

Things You Should Not Do

- Don't over exercise

- Avoid outdoors on bad air quality days

- Don't use strong cleaning products

- Don't open windows during allergy season

- Don't have pets in your bedroom


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What makes Asthma Worse

Asthma is a serious problem. What makes Asthma worse is Allergies, Infections, Exercise, Weather, and Emotions,. All these things can trigger asthma or make it even worse than normal.

Infections - Infections can make asthma worse such as, viruses, respiratory infections, and influenza

Exercise - Exercise or physical activity can make asthma worse by rapid breathing and airway cooling. these are the two main symptoms of make asthma worse

Weather - There are some kinds of weather that may cause problems with some people who have asthma. Very hot and cold temperatures, windy conditions, and changes in the humidity.

Emotions - Emotions can make asthma worse because of strong feelings (which can lead to different breathing patterns), and bad stress