Freedom for All

Liberty for the people shackled into slavery!

How to get your freedom!

Break away from your masters! The best time to escape is at night when the master and overseers are asleep. Once you break away from your plantations and homes, run at night and hide by day.

Your destination is the North where slavery is prohibited. But to ensure your freedom and prevent being returned back, Canada or the "Promised Land" is your ultimate goal.

To ensure your travel to the northern direction, use the North Star as your guide. The North Star is the brightest star in the sky and is at the tip of the Little Dipper. If the sky is too cloudy, look for moss growing on trees for moss typically grows on the side facing the north.

You must not be seen by anyone, especially by the whites. There are numerous slave catchers who will bring you back to your masters and you will be severely punished and receive harsh floggings. Hide in fields and trees if you sense someone approaching and if you hear barking, cover your scent in a nearby stream and hide.

Who do you trust?

If anyone is referred to as an "agent", "conductor", or "stationmaster", these are codes for people who coordinate escapes, guide slaves, or house them for safety.

There are certain people who will help you if you refer to yourself as a "friend of a friend."

But both whites and "darkies" will help you in your journey. Do not trust all though for helping a fugitive slave will pose great risks for them and they will be rewarded if you are turned in.


There are many established routes that lead to the North from the Southern regions, also known as the "Black Belt" community.

For example, if you live in the southern region of Kentucky, you must first pass through Louisville, enter Ohio through Cincinnati, and enter Canada by Cleveland.

However, the most famous of these routes is the Underground Railroad.

These routes, if you are successful, will lead you to your freedom away from slavery, or "peculiar institution."

We must go against the cruel treatments of slavery and rose against! African Americans such as Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner have been associated with slave rebellions and Turner himself was able to successfully make a statement.