There's a Snake in my Boot !

Toy Story - The Claw


Woody shows that he is determined during many parts of the movie. But the most effective scene was at the claw machine. As you saw in the scene above, woody and buzz get trapped into a claw machine. Suddenly, Sid walks up to use it and woody saw him. The first thing woody thought about was to get them both out of there. Woody finds a door at the back of the machine. He tried his hardest to get him out but the alien toys wouldn't allow it, so they ended up going with Sid. That shows his determination. But even after that scene, when they got to Sid's home, woody started to panic but he stopped right away and thought it all through and found out a way to get them out. He got help from Sid's other toys, and showed everyone that he's determined to do what's got to be done.
Toy Story - Staff Birthday Meeting