What would you do if you were in their shoes?

Some individual stories

Aslan (17 years)

Aslan is a Syrian teen who has made his jorney on foot next to his best friend: a dog called Rose. He used to live in Damascus, the Syrian capital city, before the Syrian civil war started five years ago. Now he is travelling to Europe and has walked more than 500 kilometres on foot with his dog, and when people ask him why he simply says: "I need her".
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Alan (3 years)

Alan was a three years old boy who died while the boat in which his family tried to arrive in Greece was sunk. The images of his dead body in a Turkish beach shook the European population and moved their governments to begin a neverending negotiation to help refugees.
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Osama (52 years)

Osama is a Syrian refugee who became famous when a Hungarian journalist kicked him and his son while they were running. In Syria, he was a famous football coach who had won the Syrian football league twice, but he had to run away from his country due to the civil war. He is now living and working as a football coach in Spain.
Hungarian Reporter Petra Lázlo kicking Syrian Refugees | Reportera patea inmigrantes sirios