JANUARY 13, 2023

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Good Afternoon Families,

Wow…we are almost halfway through January already. I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and happy. If you are anything like myself, we are all in the middle of a few new year's resolutions, LOL!!! Only time will tell how that works out for us. Most of all for me is that it is great to be back with the kids. They energize me and keep me young. Thank you all for having such great young people.

As the new year begins and we are approaching the end of the first semester of school, we always like to refresh our students with our expectations around a couple key areas that keep all of us safe and healthy. I will keep it short, but please know that your students' safety and staff safety are crucial to maintaining a great place for your students to learn.

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Our school sits on one of the busiest Marion County roads. Shaff Road is always busy and is extremely dangerous to cross. It is imperative that during drop off and pick up times that no one is attempting a left turn out of our parking lot. A left turn puts a vehicle directly into the crosswalk. This puts students and staff in direct danger. We have signs posted that there is no left turn during certain times of the day. We also have a sign on the west exit (bus exit) that states there are no left turns allowed at any time. When using the west exit, yield to ALL buses. If vehicles are not yielding or following the right turn only sign, we will close that gate. We are seeing close calls on a daily basis. Please slow down, follow signs and stay off your cell phones.
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Our cell phone policy did not change during the break. Our students are still not allowed to have cell phones during the day. Cell phones are to be kept in lockers and lockers should be locked. If students are caught with cell phones, they will be confiscated and parents will be notified to pick them up. Our online bullying and harassment has been cut down considerably since this has been in place. Please help us and support our school to continue to provide a wonderful, safe learning environment free from outside distractions for your students.
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We are nearing the end of the first semester. Our students and teachers are working hard to make sure your students are keeping up with their grades. I encourage you as parents to reach out to teachers if you have any concerns. Also, our North Santiam School District App is a great way to stay connected to your student's grades and progress. It’s a great resource for you as a parent. If you have any questions about the app, don’t hesitate to call the office. My staff is here to support you and your student's successes.
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I absolutely love working with middle school age students. When you add in our fourth and fifth graders to the equation, I am energized every day. In order for students to be successful and stay energized, they have to have fuel. We feed them breakfast and lunch every day for free. Encourage your students to eat. However, I know that students get hungry before and after lunch. If your student needs snacks, please send those with your students. As long as they are in a sealed package or container, students can keep those in their lockers. As a school leader, I can’t expect my staff to provide snacks every day for our students. I am working with the district food service administrator to determine how we can provide snacks to our students.

As always, if you have any questions contact the school. We are all here to serve our students and our community. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. I look forward to continuing our partnership with you and for your students.

Mr. Proctor