Honors Assignment

how will an environment with kids affect a plants growth?


I think that the kids will have no effect on the plants growth.


  • 3 plants that are the same (sprouts, so you can measure the growth)
  • Water for everyday
  • An environment where kids are around at least 8 hours of the day
  • Some pencils and paper to record your data


1. Put plant #1 in an area where kids are directly and where they will come in direct contact with the plants

2. Put plant #2 in an area that has children only some parts of the day and minimal contact.

Put plant #3 in a place where kids are not found and won't touch the plant.

2. Be sure to water them each once a day around the same time.

3. Go throughout several parts of the day and check and observe the plants. Write down how the plant looked and write down if the plant was being messed with or not. Do this for 4 days.

Data Collected

Plant 1:

day 1: this plant was at the kids only pad at the gym. the kids were taking the dirt out of the plant and throwing it at one another. the plant looked better after i watered it, but some leaves were starting to turn yellow. beginning length was 3 inches

day 2: the plant looked better today. the kids seemed less interested than yesterday. i watered the plant and checked the length... it hadn't grown.

day 3: when i went in this morning, the plants leaves were being picked off by the children. there were buds and leaves all over the floor beneath the plant. I watered it a little more than I had yesterday and checked the length. It had grown 1 cm

day 4: the plant was looking very dry despite the water put in. I put more water and noticed the leaves yellow. The plant had shrunk back to the original 2 inches

Plant 2:

day 1: this plant is at the local gym's daycare, where there are few children and only certain hours in which the daycare is open. when i went in, there weren't any children, only one baby who was just looking at the plant. I watered it and checked to see that the length of this plant was 2 inches 3 cm.

day 2: when i went in today the plant was being played with by 2 toddlers. there was dirt and fertilizer on the ground. then the daycare closed, and i watered the plant. I didn't check the growth

day 3: i went in today and the plant was being poked and felt by a 6 year old. She didn't do any real damage to it and it looked fine. I measured it and it had grown 2 cm. I watered it and left

day 4: I went in and noticed the dirt was very dry and the leaves were getting a little hard. I watered extra and measured it. It stayed the same. there weren't any children in there today.

Plant 3:

day 1: this plant was at the front desk of the gym. When i went to see it, it looked good and green. I watered it and measured it. It was 2 inches 3 cm.

day 2: I went in and no one was playing or touching it. It had grown 1/2 cm since yesterday. I watered it

day 3: I went in and once again, no body was messing with the plant. It looked very healthy and it didn't look yellow at all. i watered it and measured it to look the same as it had yesterday.

day 4: I went in lastly today and saw no one messing with the plant. I watered it and measured it, and it grew 1 cm since yesterday.


Based on the data above, I would say that kids do affect the growth and health of plants. the plants that were with the children weren't healthy and didn't grow as much as the others. The plant that was at the front desk flourished! It grew a lot. The gym provided a safe place for the plants to grow and it also made the information legit. The same lighting was at all places in the gym and the temperature.