The British Colonies

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New England Colonies

Cape Plymouth

The Pilgrims at Plymouth wanted to be free from the Church of England so, they left England to make a new settlement near Cape Cod. On the way there they made a Compact that is called the Mayflower Compact. They ended up having a harsh winter and half of the people died. After the winter the people met the Native Americans who made it successful for the pilgrims in having a colony. After the Native Americans gave the pilgrims tips about living in North America the pilgrims helped the Natives out with militia. Then they had a thanksgiving feast for three days to celebrate about the successful harvest.

Massachusetts Bay Colony (Puritans)

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was did much better than the Pilgrims did in the beginning. These people though were majorly involved in religion they made children go to school so they could have the ability to read the bible. If people didn't follow their religion they punished them with horrible punishments right in front of the public. They would also be kicked out sometimes. The Puritans also started teaching the Pequot, Algonquin, and Wampanoag tribes about their religion which made the tribes angry and they decided to go to battle with them this was the most major problem with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


The climate in the New England Colonies was pretty harsh winters, good nice summers, pretty cold autumns, and short spring. The growing season for food in The New England Colonies was pretty short. Which is why the Pilgrims at Plymouth weren't very successful the first winter. Though the Puritans found the Natives fast enough to get food.


The Puritans were major in religion. They were so into religion that they made the priests the governors and everybody had to go to their church! The Pilgrims at Plymouth were much more mild with religion than the Puritans were.

Middle Colonies


Jamestown, founded in 1607, was the first successful permanent English settlement in what would become the United States. It was first discovered when John Smith and about another 100 people were asked by the Virginia company to travel to North America in hopes of finding a route to Asia and hopes of gold. Instead all they found was Tobacco and Native Americans. While the people were Busy in Jamestown they started experimenting with Tobacco and found out that this stuff was addicting and felt good, so they brought it back to England.


The Middle Colonies had a milder climate and much better soil than New England. This means that they had a longer growing season and not as harsh winters and 60* springs and chilly autumns


The Middle Colonies Were perfect for manufacturing the grains that the Middle Colonies grow. This was a place where people were rich. Most of these people were English, Swedes, Dutch, Germans, and Scots-Irish. They lived very close by in very tight spaces contrasting the Pilgrims who had lot's of space.

Southern Colonies


Queen Elizabeth wanted to establish a permanent English settlement in Southern New World. Sir Raleigh then set arrangements and successfully sailed to Roanoke their destination. The people were in need of supplies so Sir Raleigh went back to England but had to wait 3 years to come back with supplies because of the war with Spain. Once he got back to Roanoke after the war with Spain he found out that they were gone! This is how they got their nickname "the lost colony".


The Growing Season in the Southern Colonies were really long. That's because of the perfect climate. The people in the south had the warmest summers of the British Colonies, mild cold autumns, mild cold winters, good springs.


The people in the south believed in slavery. They wanted people to work for them so they could be successful in having a harvest. They were very famous for their agriculture.

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