Nonrenewable &&' Renewable

By: Fatima Murillo



Oil is a liquid derived from petroleum. Oil is created from the compaction of organic materials of the bottom of the ocean. Oil is very expensive its about $ 7,7948. Oil is energy sources that can move vehicles with great speed at longer distance. Oil are in cars it converts into electricity, plastic, wax, & sulfur. Oil is non renewable which means it eventually run out. Burning oil releases greenhouse gases which contributes to global warming.


Solar (Passive & Active)

The Solar was created by the suns light and energy. Actually you can create a Solar Energy with everything, because you can create the solar panels by which you need Solar Energy. The sun mostly created solar energy.Solar energy is radiant energy emitted by the sun. The amount of solar energy intercepted by the earth every minute is greater than the amount of the energy the world uses in fossil fuels each year. its how many years your system will last based on normal conditions. Solar energy is about 3,500 per year. Solar energy is the cost although the initial investment of solar cells could be high, once installed they provide a fre source of electricity, which will pay off over the coming years. The use of solar energy to produce electricity allows the user to become less dependent on the world's fossil fuel supplies. Solar energy is only able to generate electricity during daylight hours. This means for around half of each day, solar panels are not producing for our home.