Code of Conduct

By: Nick Santoro and Joe Cicenia

You must provide food and drink to any traveler who enters your home.

Do: Invite your guests to stay and eat. King Nestor invites Odysseus to stay and have a meal. In book 4, King Nestor calls out, "Bring them in, strangers, guests, to share our flowery feast" (50).

Don't: Take from your host while they are not present (Odysseus and his men take cheese from the Cyclops).

You must offer sacrifice to the gods.

Do: You must honor the gods by sacrificing animals to the gods every once in a while. Like in book 10, Odysseus must "slaughter a ram and a black ewe, turning both their heads toward Erebus" (171).

Don't: Sacrifice animals when they shouldn't be or they aren't yours to sacrifice (In book 12, when Odysseus's men kill Helios's sheep, there were consequences).

You must respect the wishes of your king.

Do: Listen and hear out your king (When Odysseus orders the maids and Penelope to their rooms, they do so out of respect for their king).

Don't: When the suitors were hanging around Odysseus's house, they were disrespecting Odysseus. They intruded on his property while he wasn't present.

You should not overindulge in food and drinks.

Do: Odysseus did not eat the Lotus plants that the Lotus eaters presented to him. Not eating or drinking too much can prevent a person from making poor decisions.

Don't: When the Cyclops drinks the wine that Odysseus presents him, he falls into a trap which allowed Odysseus and his men to escape. The Cyclops got drunk and fell asleep.

You will be punished if you do not follow the law.

Do: Follow the law and be a good citizen. For example, Telemachus, as much as he wants to kill the suitors, he doesn't and respects the law.

Don't: The Suitors don't follow the law and they disrespect Odysseus. They trespass and end up all getting killed by Odysseus and Telemachus.

You should show self control.

Do: You should show self control while in public to show maturity. When Odysseus stays disguised as the beggar, he has to remain in disguise right in front of his family.

Don't: In book 9, Odysseus and his men escape the Cyclops and Odysseus shouts in triumph at the Cyclops and almost got him and his crew killed for it.