Patriot Update

June 2, 2015

Important...Lunch Plan for Friday

Thank you to all for supporting our need for sustenance on Friday. There will be much from which to choose and no reason to go hungry. Let's plan to set up in the lounge. If we all clean out personal items from the frig by Thursday, there will be plenty of room for perishables that need to be refrigerated and set out closer to lunch time.

Thanks again for supporting the effort!

Heart at Work

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Megan Shaffer, you've got heart! Megan always has a smile and a positive attitude that lights up her classroom. When she was presented with some special challenges this year, she never gave up. Her love for her students and wanting their success is obvious with all the hard work she puts into each day. Megan truly educates the "whole child."

Steve Vanderark, you've got heart! Steve taught our 4th graders so much about theater and helped them perform a wonderful production of Annie with confidence and success! It is evident that he spent many hours working with the students to help make this performance a success!

Kourtney McCollough, you've got heart! Kourtney spent so much time and poured her heart into the 4th grade musical production of Annie. She was dedicated to making sure the kids were confident and ready so that they experience for the students was positive and memorable. The performance was fabulous and it was evident of all of the work she put into it.

Tech Forms...Attach to Each Student Laptop or Netbook

Noted below is the new process for turning in your student technology:

· You will receive the form shown below in your box. Complete one for each of the devices you are returning and tape to the top outside surface of the device. If there aren’t any issues with the device please note “N/A”. If the device doesn’t work at all, note that in the issues section on the form. Anything non-functional or unrepairable will be turned into tech salvage but we need to account for it first.

· The forms will remain on the devices so you will get your devices back next year.

· Be aware that all student devices will be re-imaged this summer.

· Jessica will be coming around to pick up your items from you on Friday. She’ll get started in the morning but may not get to you until afternoon.

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Looking Ahead

Summer Cleaning Schedule

The schedule will be noted on the collaboration site calendar

Safe Schools...Complete over the summer

All Keller Employees:

As you are aware, we use SafeSchools to deliver most of our district compliance training. Starting June 8, courses will be released to all continuing KISD employees.

You will receive an email directly from SafeSchools containing an invitation to begin your training at that time. The due date for your compliance training will be before the first day of the ‘15-‘16 school year.

Please Note:

In an effort to reduce the amount of time needed to complete your training, we have made the assessments immediately available for the following courses:


· General Ethics in the Workplace

· Online Safety – Predators

· Copyright Infringement

The coursework for those quizzes are provided under Suggested Training as a resource and are not required to complete to receive credit.

You may access SafeSchools at any time using K-Cloud, the link provided in your email invitation, or the link below:

For support, please contact

Tentative Teacher Work Week - August 17-21

  • Monday, August 17 - Campus Day
  • Tuesday, August 18 - Half of the day will be devoted to new teacher evaluation system. The other half of the day will be convocation or campus
  • Wednesday, August 19 - District Day…New ELA curriculum and overview & training for all teachers who teach ELA. There has been a request for specialized training for our non-ELA instructional staff
  • Thursday, August 20 - Teacher Work Day
  • Friday, August 21 - Half campus & half district (new social studies curriculum)

Note: With so little campus PD time available, there will not be time built into the schedule for working on Safe Schools