Culture Quilt

Stacy Nichols

Before the real fun begins...

If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's the comfort in knowing that I'm loved for who I am. I am grateful for the family, friends, students, and teachers who have supported me through all my endeavors and challenges.

Goals- What do I aim for?

Personally, finishing graduate school is my biggest goal for the upcoming year. After this summer, I have 4 courses to take, and if everything goes smoothly, I will graduate next May. I postponed graduate school for years, but I surprised myself. My fear was that I couldn't remember how to "be smart" as in- how to write a paper again, how to balance life's responsibilities. I admit that I am a much better college student now than when I first attended Appalachian State University in 1986. Go ahead, you can giggle. I am the MTV generation, and yes, I did go to friends' houses to watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video and dance to every video that played. As far as goals for my family, I would like to make my son's transition to high school as smooth as possible. He will have a lot on his plate with all the sports he plays as well as keeping on track academically. I know he can do it, but he will have to learn to set and attain his own goals. My job will be to show him the power in making realistic, short-term goals that build strength of character. Wish me luck!

Heritage- Where did I come from?

It's interesting to think about my heritage because my maternal Aunt Doris spent many years researching my family's lineage. It all started after the passing of my grandmother. My aunt travelled the south and found official documents, gravesites, and places that were part of my history. Although her finished work became a large notebook given to each of her surviving siblings (which I do not have access to at the moment), I do recall stories of 3 uncles who went AWOL during the Civil War. Also, my family has a connection to a historical site where my ancestor's home was taken over and used as a hospital, more recently known as the Bentonville Battlefield.

My father's side hails from New York. His father immigrated from Sicily and became a baker after settling in Jamaica, New York. Although I never met my paternal grandparents, I know their personalities live on through my siblings and me. We are all loud and talkative, which sometimes takes others by surprise but, to us, it's normal. We have spread across this fine country of ours, but we relish in the memories of a childhood drenched in love, laughter, and support.

From both sides of my children's family, there is a strong connection to serving our country. Many members of my husband's and my family have joined the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force. My father was actually one of the very first Medics in the Green Berets out of Fort Bragg. So, it is apparent my that my family represents the idea of America being the Melting Pot.

Sisters - It Is Well