Elmhurst Twins & More Update

A community of Moms with twins & higher order multiples

Times they are a changin'

Our plans have had to change a bit as we've realized that our Bunny Bash would take place during spring break and our venue fell through for the March Art Party. We felt that giving you all more of a heads up on timing would give more a chance to attend.

Therefore, our April meeting will now be our own version of a Bottle & Brush Art Night! I (Lynette) your club president by night and art teacher by day, will lead an acrylic painting lesson. All will get to leave with an original painting on canvas... that YOU created. There is no experience necessary. You will learn all you need to know that night to create your very own artwork... for you kitchen, your basement, your bathroom? Who knows?! So save the date! Thursday, April 16. We are still looking for a location so if you are willing to host a gaggle of artists or have an idea of a good spot, let us know! In the past we've done it in an unfinished basement or just a room with a tile floor. It doesn't need to be fancy.

And our Bunny Bash is morphing into a Spring Fling Family Party. That's one our family favorites so keep your eye out for more info! It will be on a Saturday morning in late April.

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Want to get rid of all those baby things you are done with?? Or pick up some bargains??

Our annual resale is coming up quick!

If you are interested in selling, please email Diane Robinson ASAP at drobinson5812@gmail.com.

The sale will be on Friday, June 5 & Saturday, June 6

at the United Methodist Church in Elmhurst

920 S Swain Avenue

Located next to Jackson School at Swain & Van Buren

Clothing, Books, Games, Toys, Furniture, Equipment, Sporting Goods, &

Outdoor Toys for ages 0-12 welcome!

Fall & Winter stuff welcome too!

More info comin' up soon!

Specific details for sellers will be sent out once we know of your interest.

A special thanks

To all the board members!

We are all busy- we have twins! But these ladies have been a great help to me and they are always ready to lend an ear for an idea, or a hand to make it happen. We have a lot of fun at our monthly or semi-monthly meetings and I couldn't get all this up and running without them. If you are looking for a reason to get out a bit more and get to know a small group of moms, I'd highly suggest joining the board. It's not a big time commitment, we get together every month or so to talk about fun events and whatever else is on our minds, all while enjoying a glass of wine or two.

We will be looking to add new board members as the end on the school year approaches. It's a small and mighty group consisting of the president (oversees it all), secretary (in charge of evites and correspondence), treasurer, monthly meeting coordinator, children's events planner, and playdate/ meal coordinator. Sometimes positions are split between two people too. So give it some thought and let us know if you are interested! Feel free to drop a line to the club email if you'd like to learn more about a role and/or to express interest. ElmhurstTwins@gmail.com ~Lynette

Wouldn't it be nice...

To have a list of twin moms for those moments when you just need a quick question answered? Or someone to talk to? Please fill out our info survey so we have our records up to date.

Just click here.

It should take about a minute.

Hope to see you all soon!

Happy Spring!

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