Come Visit Philadelphia!

The City of Brotherly Love

Did you know?

The name “Philadelphia” comes from Greek. It is a compound word from the two Greek words “philos” and “adelphos”. “Philos” means loving and “adelphos” means brother. So together, Philadelphia means brotherly love!

On this tour, you will be able to experience a few of the most intriguing places in Philadelphia. So what are you waiting for? Hop on along and visit these fascinating stops!

Tour Stops:

Wednesday, March 20th 2013 at 2pm

2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA

Are you interested in visiting our nation's first capital? Travel along as we tour a city full of history on March 20, 2013!

1. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Before you rush inside America’s first art museum, take a few minutes to appreciate this magnificent building which is influenced by Greek architecture. As you walk up the front steps, you will notice the eight Corinthian styled columns at the front entrance. These tall columns are decorated with elaborately carved capitals with acanthus leaves.

Now, turn to your right and observe the beautiful painted terra-cotta figures of Greek gods and goddesses located under the roof. Below the gods and goddesses, are the columns of a different style. These columns are of Ionic style and are decorated with beautiful volutes. This museum is often nicknamed the “Parthenon of the Parkway” because of its Greek styled columns. If you are interested in Greek architecture, be sure to visit this amazing museum.
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2. Penn Museum

Calling all Archimedes fans! Have you ever wondered how the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere was discovered? Well, eureka! Explore the Penn Museum located at 3260 South Street. This interesting museum has a great exhibit that will surely answer your question. You will marvel at how Archimedes could figure out the volume of a sphere more than thousand years ago without any modern technology when you can’t even remember his formula!
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3. Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine, is also known as the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Speaking of medicine, have you ever heard the words “Hippocratic Oath” and wondered what it meant? The “Hippocratic Oath” was proposed by the ancient Greek Hippocrates, often known as the father of western medicine. His oath was originally a requirement for all ancient Greek physicians. Today, medical school students must take the oath as well. This oath represents the understanding of using proper care to treat patients and to share your knowledge to the next generation. If you are interested in how modern medicine has evolved from Greek medicine, this is the right place for you!