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July 26, 2019

Enjoy this last weekend before we return

Sleep late--or as late as your responsibilities will let you.

Meet up with friends--enjoy some time revisiting the fun of the summer.

Take time for you--we give so much to others once school starts, spend some time doing what YOU want to do.

Breathe deeply and get ready--our Lions are so ready to be back, be with us, and grow!

Next Week

  • Dress Comfortably on days that we are in house and don't have events. Shorts, flops, and comfortable clothes are perfectly fine for Monday, Thursday (bring clothes for Sneak-a-Peak) and Friday.
  • For Tuesday's convocation please wear a favorite Lincoln shirt or Lincoln colors. Show your Lincoln Pride with your BLUE and GOLD! If memory serves we tend to sit halfway up the left hand side of the auditorium.
  • Please note we needed to add WIDA training to our agenda on Tuesday afternoon. This training was about 30-40 minutes last year and I anticipate the same this year. Please meet in the library. This training is mandatory for all teachers.
  • Friday, Mafair will be hosting us for lunch around 11:30 (when we are done with the Suicide Training). The pastor's wife, Mrs. Love, is helping to get this up in running for this year as they currently don't have a liaison at the church. She has been great to work with as well as her husband, Pastor Love.

Download An App for Monday

Please download the app, GooseChase for our time together on Monday. We are going to start our day with some fun!

SMILE Committee brings on the BBQ!

If you haven't replied to Autumn or Leanne regarding a BBQ lunch after convocation please do so by Sunday Night --really ASAP. These two ladies are "cooking up" (bad pun I know) some great ideas to enhance what we already have going here at Lincoln with our community. Why fight the crowds at any Kingsport eating establishment after convocation. Come back to school, make your way to the courtyard (or other location in the building if it is too hot) and enjoy lunch with your coworkers. IAs are welcome to attend convocation, and if you want to join us for lunch, it is a $9.99 cost for lunch from Broad St. BBQ. Lunch will include

2 meats (pork and chicken)

2 sides (baked beans/potato salad)




Please let Autumn or Leanne know ASAP if you plan to attend.

Reminders Worth Repeating

  • Make sure you have a Lion's Den in your room ready to go on the first day. We are continuing with Zones of Regulation and Lion's Dens in each room to reinforce self regulation of emotions.
  • Please connect with either Kristen (grades K-1) Marsha (grades 2-3) or Henry (grades 4-5) to arrange time for them to come in and teach/reteach the Zones of Regulation. Grades K and 1 will likely get the same full course of lessons that were taught last year. Grades 2-5 will have multiple lessons to reiterate the zones work and to reinforce our common language.
  • Make plans to teach the expectation lessons (found in the google drive) during the month of August. All four expectations must be covered by the end of August.
  • Set time aside to teach the art of goal setting and getting your data binders organized. (More information coming for how to organize it.)
  • Less is more---be strategic in what goes up and what is out. Cover bookshelves and storage areas with items you aren't using. Creating a calming environment that isn't overly cluttered with lots of things is a better environment for our kids. Please see last week's Buzz for information on research studies, articles, and blogs regarding this approach.
  • Be sure that you have room to circle. If you don't have room for a proper circle, please reevaluate your room and find a way to create a space for a circle. Do you really need both kidney tables?? Could you move that set of desks further to the left??? All rooms need a true open space for kids to circle and not "half circle/squashed oval/irregular shape."

Summer Cleaning Update

Our custodians are working overtime to get things ready for Monday and they will be continuing to work next week to have things up to snuff. Many of you will get a deep clean after you unpack things. While not ideal, and we'd all much rather have it done before your arrival, it will get done and your rooms will be clean. Should you need anything or something isn't to your satisfaction, please let a custodian know or come to me.

Getting a Head Start On Work for the fall

We will be starting our focus on standards in August. At an upcoming PLC we will be discussing the chapter attached below. Please have it read by August 13th.

The link directly below this paragraph is to the executive summary of the study "The Opportunity Myth". We will be working with this document throughout the year. The full study is over 50 pages and we will revisit and look at portions of that larger study too. However, so you have an overview of the findings, please take some time to read this much shorter 7 page synopsis.

Do You Believe in Our Students?

This video is several years old, I'm sure the speaker is out of HS and maybe even under grad, but his message is as relevant today as it was when he spoke to the teachers in his district. It is worth a second watch if you've already seen it, and if you haven't seen it, you'll LOVE it. To me it really connects to effort based instruction and my commitment to support all students no matter how challenging. I believe many of you will connect to his message too. Enjoy!
Dalton Sherman

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