Ardmore Avenue Library Timeline

Making a Kid-Friendly Library

Re-Arranging the Library to make Dewey More Kid-Friendly

Friday, Feb. 14th, 9pm

the Library in the Non-Fiction Section

2/14/2014 to 3/31/2014

Organizing a Kid Friendly Library

To create a more kid friendly area in the library, books need to be organized in a matter that allows children to browse while also learning where things are located.


Evaluate Areas in the Library

Evaluate the materials and books, including paperback, oversized, and hardback books for placement in the Easy, Fiction and Non-Fiction sections


Mapping it Out

Make a rough map of the books and their new location

2/18/2014 to 2/21/2014

Approval from Principal (ADMIN)

Present timeline and drawing to principal for approval to move forward with the project.



Order colorful bins for each section of non-fiction. Funds will be used from the library budget to purchase bins.


Train Library Assistant (PERSONNEL & TRAINING

Review plan with library assistant. Go over the subject categories for the Dewey Decimal System. Librarian and library assistant will move the actual books.

2/25/2014 to 3/24/2013

Re-arrangement of book

Move the books in each section of Dewey 000-999 to have a clear shelf break in each area.

Place the books in 900-999 in one area with clear demarcation.

Do this for each area of the non-fiction and clearly mark the beginning and end of each section.

Work backward through each section of Dewey Decimal System starting with 900 and move each section to new bookshelves until the task is completed.



Obtain appropriate signages with numbers and keywords to place in front of each section of the Dewey Decimal System.

3/28/2014 to 3/31/2014

Place signs in appropriate place and in visually appealing and eye catching areas.



Evaluate the completion of the project. Are the materials in the correct section? Are signs placed strategically? Can students read and find the signs for the various sections?

4/1/2014 to 4/30/2014 Repeat process for Fiction Section.

5/1/2014 to 5/30/2014 Repeart process for Easy Section.

Assignment #4: Timeline for Facilities Project

The library needs to be re-arranged and organized to make the non-fiction section more kid friendly with clear demarcation of the Dewey Decimal numbers and proper identification of the signs and language that accompanies each category.

Brenda McPherson-Fry MU5526 February 9, 2014