1.01-1.03 study guides

By: Ashley Witherspoon, Michael Barnette, and Dylan Joyner

1.01 type faces and fonts

1. Courier These are examples of a font family

Courier New

2. Each letter in a word having same amount of space is called monospaced.

3. San Serif is the best typeface for websites.

1.02 Priciples and Elments of Desing

1. You should arrange the most important information in the Z-pattern.

2. Whenever you add white to a color you are tinting it.

3. Placing items next to each other is using proximity.


1. A template is something that is already set up so you can fill in the information.

2. You should use the ruler to make sure you line up everything evenly.

3. The second page of a newspaper that contains names is the masthead.