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Unusual Events at a Local Fast Food Restaurant from an Employee's View

By: James Llewellyn

Corndogs and French-fries?

In the drive-thru, I have had orders where people have asked for unusual items such as a corndog and French-fries. In both cases, the customers were very surprised to learn that we did not serve these items. With the french-fries ordering customer, even after I explained we didn't sell fries and she pulled up to the window, she still couldn’t understand why a Mexican fast-food joint didn’t sell French-fries. Remember, not all fast food places have the same food items!

$0.89 Tacos?

A lady in the drive-thru ordered two crunchy tacos, and then confused by the price, asked, “How much does each taco cost?” When I told her the price ($1.19), she responded by asking, “Since when have they increased the price from $0.89?” She ended up deciding to buy the two tacos, but when I told her the total ($2.58), she cursed to herself before pulling forward. Remember, the drive-thru guy/gal, even if not talking to you, can still hear you if you're next to the speaker!

Toilet Stolen 2X, So They Say

After I became a Taco Bell employee, I learned the legend of the toilet! They say the men’s toilet has been stolen from the bathroom, twice. Somehow, someone managed to take it from the bathroom and out of the lobby without anyone noticing. Because of this, there is now a lock on the men’s toilet. Remember to look for the lock next time you visit Taco Bell!

Perspectives That Will Make You Smile in 140 Words or Less

It's funny how perspective changes with age. Twitter allows people 140 characters to share their views, but in the Steele Post, we give you 140 words to tell us what you think. What's your perspective?


"Why Should Every Kid Have A Dog?"

Willow M., Hughes Elementary, Kindergarten:

Every kid should have a dog because kids like dogs when they get to go to the park and bring a Frisbee so they can throw the Frisbee and the dog can go catch it. (35 words, verbal response)

Kaili J., Hughes Elementary School, 3rd Grade:

Why should every kid have a dog is a trick question. It is dependent on if they’re allergic. But if no one was allergic, everyone should have a dog because of the companionship and loyalty that they bring to you. And, we should all have a dog for protection. (48 words, edits made to correct spelling)

Brittany J., Steele AHS, 12th grade:

First off, the dog is always there as a friend and will participate in your fun and games; dogs are never down or upset like people. Secondly, when I, or another sibling have been sick, my dogs have always been there for me. They'll cuddle up under the blanket to keep me warm and comforted. Thirdly, they keep the kids active by having to walk the dog, and they also have the potential to meet more friends while walking their dog... unless the dog is unfriendly. Fourth of all, it teaches and shows the child responsibility through having to care for the dog by washing, feeding, or giving them water, also, letting them out to use the bathroom. Lastly, it teaches them compassion. The dog cares about the child just as the child cares about the dog. (137 words)

Mrs. Tompkins, Teacher at Steele AHS:

Every kid should have a dog because it teaches responsibility. Dogs require attention and affection on a regular schedule. It is great practice for kids to get to learn how to feed, bathe, and clean up after something besides themselves. Needing to care for a dog physically and emotionally requires a lot of time, effort, and focus. Forgetting to feed the dog can lead to serious consequences. Not cleaning up after a dog can lead to larger messes. Not playing and loving a dog can lead to unhappiness. The level of commitment that a dog requires is practice for all of life. Life is full of commitments and having a dog prepares kids for the demands of life. (118 words)

Steele Life

Senior Highlights

By: Staff Writers, Molly Redman and Monica Castillo

Although the Senior Class of 2015 doesn’t graduate until June, they are all busy making plans for their future after Steele. In this edition of the Steele Post, we are excited to highlight Molly Redman and Monica Castillo!

Molly Redman

According to Monica Castillo, “If you are ever feeling down or bummed out, the best cure is a smile from Molly Redman. She can make anyone’s day better; even if you don’t know her, you can walk up to her and have a full conversation. She is very considerate and understanding of others feelings and that makes her very approachable and easy to talk to. She is very involved in our school through Excel, Bible Club and Circle of Friends. Her caring heart and bubbly personality makes her the sweetest person I have ever met!” Molly has been accepted to Tarleton State University and will start in the fall of 2015. She currently plans to major in nursing.

Monica Castillo

According to Molly Redman, “Monica’s love for sharks isn't the only killer thing about her. She has a passion for education. She was accepted into Tarleton State University’s education program. Monica is more than qualified to be a teacher because she is sweet, caring and knowledgeable. To better prepare her for her career path, Monica is the Vice President of Student Council and the President of Bible Club. She dreams to be on a board of education when she is retired from teaching to help make schools better. Monica Castillo provides the subtle sparkle that people need in their lives.”

"Dear Clawdia, Please Help Me." —Signed, Steele Student

I need to do a retest, but I would rather hang out with friends. How can I do both?

Dear Steeler,

I understand that you want to hang-out with some of your friends, but you also want to do well in school. Everyone comes across this issue at some point. My advice to you would be to go and do your retest and do well and then hang-out with your friends at a later point. Your grades will follow you everywhere while those friends may not. You will also feel better not having the guilt that you should have gone and taken that retest instead of hanging out with your friends. Who knows... they may be thinking the same thing but don't want to be the first to admit to it. If they are “true” friends, they will understand and should want you to do well in your classes.

Signed, Clawdia

I have a lot of missing assignments in some of my classes, and I get them turned in but my grade still isn't good enough. What can I do to get a better grade when I already have some missing assignments?

Dear Steeler,

First off, turn your stuff in on time. You will have to do it at some point, so why not on time for full credit. Second, make sure that you do your extremely best work on those late assignments as soon as you possibly can manage. Since you will be losing late points, you can’t afford to turn in work that is not your best. Third, talk to the teacher. I promise you that they will be very willing to help you with your new assignments, which can help you get a better grade. The teachers don't bite; they are all very nice and very willing to help you in any way they can, all you have to do is talk to them.

Signed, Clawdia

I'm not understanding the material being taught and the assignments clearly, but I don't want to hold the entire class back. What can I do to solve this?

Dear Steeler,

Don't be worried about “holding the class back.” Chances are there is someone in that room that is thinking the same way that you are and needs a little help finding the confidence or words to phrase the question. The teachers want you to clearly understand the material given to you. If you don't have access to contact the teacher, ask a fellow classmate; they may be able to better explain something to you. There are lots of resources given to you, so use them.

Signed, Clawdia

An Exclusive Sneak Peak into Shannon Brackeen’s Life of Horror

By: Brianna Braddock

How is your interest in horror movies and special effects makeup reflected in your personality?

Because I have aquired knowledge of all things spooky, I believe it has made me a spookier person. A lot of my friends have told me that they were scared of me when they first met me, but I’m actually pretty laid back. It also took my relationship with a few people into a deeper friendship. For example, Elaine and I spend our weekends watching B-horror movies and classics. Also, my mother and I always like to watch TWD (The Walking Dead) and AHS (American Horror Story) together, then talk about what they should’ve done differently, what we liked/disliked, or our emotions on the topic. This has made me become less of an introvert. I’ve become more social in the horror community by volunteering my time at a haunted house, or going to conventions such as the Texas Frightmare Weekend. In return, this has connected me to SFX artists such as Tom Savini, Michael Faust, and Matt Valentine.

How did you discover your desire to be a special effects makeup artist?

When I was a little Chitlin, watching Chucky, I realized “That’s fake.” I wanted to know how to do that! Now that I am older, I have started broadening my horizons in other horror movies. I have realized that there are so many people out there that do what I want to do, like Tom Savini, Drew Talbot, and Sig Neutron. I think special effects makeup is pretty cool and fun. It is something that has come naturally to me.

It has been said that you and your mother will create your own horror stories for fun. Can you give us a sample of one of the storylines that the two of you have come up with? (Insight into the mind of Shannon!)

There were these two brothers, the Collyer brothers, who were super rich and had acquired famous art work and other knick knacks while they were alive. They became hoarders and filled their fancy apartment with expensive junk. Because they were so wealthy and all their stuff was so expensive, they began to have severe paranoia that they would get robbed. One brother was blind and cripple so he mainly relied on his brother to care for him, and this brother has set up numerous booby traps throughout the house to catch any potential burglars. One day the brother was bringing food to his disabled sibling, and triggered his own trap. Tons of magazines and books collapsed on him and smothered him to death, leaving his brother to starve. When the authorities arrived, they found the disabled brother and figured that the other brother had just left him there to die, until they cleaned up the hoard and eventually found his body under the booby trap pile…. Because my mom works with hoarders, we thought it would be interesting to make this story into a horror movie.

You have just landed the dream job of doing special effects makeup for one of your favorite TV shows, The Walking Dead. What would you do differently to the special effects makeup, to make it your own original work?

I would probably make the zombies look less sun-dried, and a little more gory and icky. Of course, Greg Nicoteros’ zombies are fantastic! I understand the zombies look sun-dried because they have been rotting in the Georgia heat, but I think there would constantly be more people turning into walkers, therefore allowing them to look a little more fresh and grody.

The Steele Voice

Results: The POD / Poll: Favorite Fun Day Friday Sport

By: Logan Pipes


The Steele Voice's last poll asked for feedback on the addition of The POD and its effect on the quality of lunch here at Steele. 56% said they noticed an improvement and 44% said they did not eat at school or did not attend last year. That means that 100% of students who have eaten lunch at school noticed an improvement in lunch! Great job Ms. Jamie McCartney and the rest of the lunch staff! We all thank you very much and are glad that you are a part of the Steele family.

In this edition's poll, we will discover the most popular Fun Day Friday sport! Cast your vote in the poll below.

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A Guide to Surviving Dual Credit: From Beginners to Veterans, This is for You

By: Savi Clark

College classes can be daunting. Use this guide to ease the stress.

Online Classes

Many students get nervous at the thought of managing online classes. It is intimidating to be completely responsible for completing quality work and turning it in on time. Online classes do have a level of communication with your professor, but it is never the same as the interaction that takes place in face-to-face classes. In online classes, you will communicate through emails, which can be good and bad. Unfortunately, with emails, there can be quite a bit of a time lapse between questions and answers. This isn’t an issue if you’re seeing your professor in person on a daily basis. However, communicating through emails can be beneficial because everything is in writing, which can decrease misunderstandings.

Online classes are not necessarily more difficult than face-to-face classes; they just come with different challenges. Not all students are fit for online learning as it requires great will power, discipline, and independence. Online classes will require you to take initiative and fix your problems as they come up. Taking classes online is also very predictable. There are often fixed due dates as well as repetitive weekly assignments. The assignments will still work like a normal class in that there is always new material, but the format of the assignments repeat. For example, you can expect to have a weekly graded discussion forum that you must participate in to receive credit.

Late Work

The key to late work in dual credit is understanding that it does not exist. There is no such thing as late work. If you come across a professor that allows late work, then you are extremely lucky. Professors will always outline their policy in the syllabus that they provide to you at the start of the semester.

Time Management

Start with a planner. Record every due date in that planner and also make note of when the date is coming up so that you are never surprised. Also, keep a daily list of the things you need to accomplish. Your daily list should keep you ahead of schedule, and if you follow it, you will make all of your due dates. The most important factor in planning to succeed in your course is discipline. You must have the discipline and will power to actually follow the plan that you have created. Many people start strong with their plan and then falter as the semester progresses and things get busier. If you intend to commit to a dual credit class, you must commit to your plan.

More tips coming in the next issue! Until then, study hard and survive.

What Everybody Ought to Know About the Cosmetology Licensing Test

By: Brianna Braddock

Onlookers tend to not see the hard-work and dedication that cosmetology students put forth behind all of the fresh cut hair, perfect makeup, and polished nails. Specifically, they all work towards passing their licensing test. I spoke to two cosmetology students, Whitney Burge and Keaton Jones, and they provided insight into how extensive the testing is.

There are two parts to the test, being the written portion and the practical. Can you give a basic overview of each part?


“The written exam consists of sanitation, disinfection, safety, shampoo services, haircutting and hair styling, braids and braid extensions, chemical texture services, hair coloring, skin care, nail care, and finally licensing and regulation (requirement the for the licensee that are made by the state). Together, all of the written exam is 110 questions and you have 120 minutes to take it.”


“For the practical exam, you must put together a kit filled with pre-sanitized implements that are all separated into gallon sized baggies based on a manipulation or service that you must complete in front of a judge, who are called proctors and raters. Each section consist of a set time that you must get the service done in and a rubric you must follow that is aligned with Texas state laws for cosmetologist. The student must demonstrate a facial, manicure, chemical services (hair color application), shampooing, haircutting, perm, curl demo (different types of curls), blow drying, thermal curl (done with a curling iron), and of course, sanitation.”

What are the requirements to take the test?

The students have been working tirelessly leading up to the test. It is said that, “…in order to be eligible to take the written, the student must have 900 hours in cosmetology. For the practical, they have to have 1000 hours.”

How long have the students been preparing for this test?

“Mrs. Flower has been preparing the Cosmo students from the very beginning. We have practically memorized the whole cosmetology book and can do all of the mock application services in our sleep.”

Students may have the misconception that cosmetology only involves fun topics like hair, makeup, and nails. What other subjects are necessary?

“Most people don't understand when they get into cosmetology that you don't just focus on hair, makeup, and nails. The majority of the curriculum is based off of how the human body works, such as all the different types of diseases, and sanitation. The student has to be able to spot out if their client has a harmful disease. Cosmetology also has to deal with quite a bit of chemistry. We must know how to properly handle chemicals such as hair color, perming solution, bleach, etc. If we improperly use those chemicals on our client it may result in a negative outcome, like them losing their hair.”

Congratulations to the following students for passing both tests and earning their license! Brittany Jackson, Amy Whitehorn, Jessica Wyles, Whitney Burge, and Keaton Jones

3 Study Strategies Supported by Science to Skyrocket Your GPA

By: Mikayla Humphrey


Helpful Information That Will Determine if "The Following" is the Show for You

By: Alanis Reyes


The Following stars Kevin Bacon as a retired FBI agent, Ryan Hardy, who is called in to deal with serial killer, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), who he had captured nine years ago. While Joe is trapped in prison, he spent the last nine years using the Internet to recruit an army of twisted minds to be able to carry out his objectives… and only Ryan can stop Joe Carroll and his horrendous plan. If you like murder mystery, The Following might be for you!

Poetic Killings

You will notice as you are watching the first season, that each and every kill that Carroll has planned, is inspired by the poetic works of Edgar Allen Poe… leaving messages specifically for Ryan Hardy.

Watching Star Wars Episode I Will Make Your Life 10X Worse… Here’s Why

By: Pete Ballard

Setting the Scene

First, allow me to provide some background information to set the scene of the movie. The location: a galaxy, far, far away. We have just been dropped into an entirely new world of aliens and “Jedi.” A Jedi is someone who can use the Force, which in movies prior to Star Wars was a power that only few were born with. Those with the Force can, essentially, with their minds do things that have a physical consequence.

The Introduction

The first characters that we meet in this disappointment of a movie are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. These two Jedi will be two of the main characters throughout this movie, so pay close attention to these guys. These two guys are essentially aboard a Federation (the bad guys) Ship in order to negotiate the dissolving of a blockade around the planet Naboo. In short, the “Emperor,” or basically the big, bad, villain, orders his droids on the ship to kill Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. The Jedi make a quick attempt to escape, narrowly avoiding death, blah-blah-blah, and escape to Naboo. This is where we meet the most disliked character in all of Star Wars history, Jar Jar Binks. This hooligan nearly gets everyone killed multiple times; plus, he’s just really annoying in the general way that he conducts himself. The moment you hear him talk with annoying vocal undulations and his strange Gungan accent, you know you’re going to hate him. Anyways, Qui-Gon saves this “Jar Jar,” and for some reason Jar Jar pledged his allegiance to Qui-Gon because he now owes him his life. After a cool underwater scene (one of the only cool parts of this movie actually), the Jedi, accompanied by our Mr. Binks, go to the city of Theed, likewise on the planet of Naboo. Our heroes then rescue the current queen of Naboo, Queen Amidala. As they escape, the ship is damaged and they must land for repairs on another planet called Tatooine. This is where we meet the second most disliked character in the star wars universe, Anakin Skywalker as a young boy. He has an annoying attitude and annoying voice. In addition, he is played by an awful child actor. Plus, he has some weird attraction to Queen Amidala who is like 5 years older than him.

Sitting through the entirety of this movie will make your life worse because you'll have to deal with such awful characters as these.

The Plot Thickens

From here, we find out that Anakin has an inhumanly high "Midi-Chlorian" count, which is a word that most Star Wars fans had never heard before this moment. "What the heck are Midi-Chlorians?" was heard from almost all in attendance at the first screening I attended. We then find out that Midi-Chlorians are George Lucas's lame explanation for the Force, which until this point was a mysterious and paranormal ability that only a select few possessed. Now, the Force is explained away in a couple of words. This was actually one of the worst parts of the movie for the older fans of the saga because it completely destroyed an idea they had held in such high ideal for so long. Some unimportant fighting and irrelevant plot progression ensues, because now that we’ve met the worst characters, not much other information is important in this movie, and we arrive at basically the epic final scenes. Enduring the entirety of this move will leave you dumbfounded at the amount of unnecessary and unimportant portions of story.

The Nightmare Nears an End

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan face off against their most formidable enemy yet, Darth Maul (depicted above).

This guy basically made the movie. Now, let’s be clear here. Darth Maul was the coolest character in this movie, by a long shot. His mysterious silence and awesome spiked head just made him seem so hardcore. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, sadly, have to fight him because he is a Sith and the Sith are the Jedi’s sworn enemies. After intense fighting and awesome music, we, as well as our two main characters and Darth Maul, arrive in a room with a deep, seemingly bottomless pit. Obi-Wan, however, is trapped behind an energy barrier and has to watch helplessly as his Jedi-master fights one of the fiercest Sith in the galaxy. Sadly, and to the dismay of almost all viewers, Qui-Gon is promptly stabbed through the stomach by Darth Maul after a quick skirmish. Obi-Wan, finally released from the confines of the energy barrier, charges Darth Maul in a furious rage. After doing some crazy acrobatic stunts, he proceeds to slice Darth Maul clean in half with his lightsaber— the two halves of Darth Maul falling down the pit. This basically concludes the entire movie. Just like that. If you've ever wanted to feel disappointed and empty after one of your favorite characters dies, then you'll love this movie.


So basically, Star Wars Episode 1 introduced us to the absolute best and absolute worst of the characters created by George Lucas. Overall, this movie receives a 2 out of 10 because of its awful characters and character progression as well as its obliteration of an idea cherished since childhood by many viewers. Its only redeeming factor is cool fight scenes and one or two cool characters. My advice is that if you want to watch a good Star Wars movie, I would go watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which there also happens to be a review on in this exact same issue.

Watching Star Wars Episode IV Will Make Your Life 10X Better... Here's Why

By: Colby Phillips

You can't walk down the street without finding someone who has seen Star Wars. Since it was released in the late 70's, it has defined the sci-fi genre of movies with its technology and ideas. Not only that, it was the start of a franchise that has lasted almost 50 years.

The Tech

The technology shown in Star Wars is so fantastical compared to that of today that you can't help but be drawn into the technology of the future, or in this case, that of the past. The space ships are well designed, with the unique Millennium Falcon, the ominous Star Destroyers and the terrifying Death Star, a ship the size of a small moon. The idea of the villain having such a powerful weapon as the Death Star forces one to confront the fear that Luke faces as he goes into the belly of the beast to rescue the Princess. Another example is the lightsaber. After its reveal as the “weapon of a more civilized age,” people have been mystified by it, hoping and doing all they can to create it. There are many scientists who have only become scientists to further their goal to create the first lightsaber. Knowing about these fantastical technologies, can make your life better by helping you understand the technology of today.


Star Wars was an embodiment of some of the best of fiction. In the beginning, it is the story of a farm boy named Luke called to save the princess. Then it is good vs. evil, the Jedi vs. the Sith. Then it becomes the revenge story, with Luke fighting the empire to avenge Ben Kenobi, his mentor. The movie pulls on civil wars and rebellions, drawing from history and geography to create a universe with many planets and groups with different ideas and needs that allow for the story to go wherever Lucas wanted it to go. By seeing these amazing places and learning these new ideas, you'[re life will be better because it will help you be a more creative person.

So Why Is It So Good?

Star Wars was born from the mind of George Lucas to create a universe of infinite possibilities and to create a story that is based on the fight between the side of justice and light, and dark side of rage and evil. The Rebellion vs. the Empire has been used in many different stories since Lucas's space epic, and without this phenomenal movie, none of it would have been possible, and your life could not be improved by it.

Storytime in Storybrooke: A Review of "Once Upon a Time"

By: Adia Compton

Once Upon a Time is a TV show from ABC which allows you to see fairy tale characters in our world. With a large fan base, this show has taken the audience on a journey going back and forth between our world and a world of fantasy as the storyline intertwines. This season gave us a surprise, as the main plot revolves around Elsa and Anna from none other than Disney's Frozen"! Elsa arrives in Storybrooke without Anna and begins to lose control of her magic again. As the story goes on, Elsa and the rest of the town continue to search for Anna. This suspenseful show is definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys fantasy and drama.

Character Highlights

Elsa stays true to her character from the film Frozen but more about her and her family's past is revealed. Viewers also get to discover just how Elsa got her powers. Elsa is a true leader who, despite self-doubt and various obstacles, accomplishes her goals with an unwavering determination and sisterly love.

Emma, the main heroine throughout the whole series, starts to relate more and more to Elsa as her light magic starts to show its true powers. Trying to constantly do what is right, Emma makes multiple mistakes but manages to correct them and save the day.

Frozen was based off of the book "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen. In a surprise twist, the main antagonist of this season is Ingrid, the Snow Queen. This reveals many secrets regarding not only Ingrid's life, but also Elsa and Emma’s. She is manipulative, cunning, and has her heart set on one single thing and will do anything to get it.

Fun Facts

  • Some members of the cast were not aware of the Frozen plot until they saw the last season finale episode.
  • There was a mirror in the Snow Queen which reflects into Once Upon a Time.
  • The actors who play Snow White and Prince Charming were recently married in real life.

Science & Tech

The Truth Behind the Controller

By: Michael Nesbitt

The Great Misconception

On the internet and in research there are tons of theories on what video games do to the people who play them. Probably, the most well-known theory is that violent video games make the players violent. However, this theory is false. According to an article published in the Journal of Communication, there is no direct correlation between video games and violence. The author of the article, Christopher Ferguson, concludes that demographic studies show that there is no trend between these two. The correlation actually goes the OPPOSITE direction. This theory isn’t the only negative comment people say about games though. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose mother has said that playing video games destroys brain cells and is just a waste of time. But they’re not.

The Reality of It All

Studies have shown that video games can benefit the player. They show that games can increase activity in certain areas of your brain. These are the areas that help you remember and learn. According to an article in PsychCentral, "New research...suggests such play actually may strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception." Video games are not so bad after all. Now you’re probably thinking, “These are all great points on how gaming helps the brain, but there has to be a down side,” and there is of course, there always is. Without moderation, video games can zombify the player.

What Does This Mean For You?

You could take what you’ve learned from this article and apply it in your own life. Though, that doesn’t mean investing your life into gaming and spending thousands of hours on it. It just means playing video games for an hour or two a day will increase your abilities. But of course, not all games will benefit you. If you want a game to benefit you, it needs to induce thought and creativity.

Recommended Game Titles:

· Portal and/or Portal 2©

· Tetris©

· Civilization© (any title from the series)

· Starcraft©

· The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time©

Now these are just recommendations. There are plenty of other games out there that provide the same gains. And remember to keep the gameplay in moderation, as too much could lower the benefits.

3 Life Hacks That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Day

By: Molly Redman

Throughout our daily lives there are small, pestering problems that seem like they will never have a solution. Think again. Finally, there are ideas that make everyone’s life a little easier.

Manipulating Cells

By: Emily Baker

Imagine living in a world where we can manipulate our cells into producing specific substances or performing a certain task-- releasing more insulin, attacking X tumor, or growing more hair. According to James DeBerry, scientists could “create new organisms that are unlike normal species or explore new forms of a species”. A method to change a cell exists, but risks creating permanent, negative damage by penetrating the cell wall with a virus. Luckily, although it was on accident, researchers at MIT found a solution to this problem. The researchers were implanting cells with nanomaterials and larger molecules using a water gun, in order to alter the cell's behavior while it is alive. Armon Sharei saw that some of the water soaked cells temporarily changed shape, causing the material to penetrate the cell. Sharei said "it turns out that if you deform a cell fast enough, you can temporarily break down its membrane … the water gun is too crude a tool, [we] need a gentler way to squeeze cells.”. Sharei worked under the guidance of K. Jensen and R. Langer, who developed a silicon and glass microchip with canals through which a cell can flow through. The cell navigates these canals until the space of the canal is smaller than the cell. In order for the cell to travel through, it temporarily bulges and makes small holes in the membrane. Scientists can insert different tools to extract material from the inside of the cell membrane. The potential for changing the interior of a cell is incredible, as it would enable scientists to insert extra proteins or other appropriate biological agents.

3 Awesome Tech Tips from an Expert

By: Rocky Hernandez

1. When in doubt, restart your computer.

It is about the most cliché thing you will ever hear in the world of technology, but if you ever have any kind of technical difficulty, it should be one of the first things you try - because it actually works, and the process is simple to initiate. That is also why it will probably not be the last time someone advises you to try this.

2. Investing a little effort into making your web-browsing experience safer can go a long way.

The Internet can be a very dangerous place for your computer - and your personal data. To make sure you minimize your chances of exposing your computer to malware, it is a good idea to find a few add-ons for your web browsing application that can make the fight against malware a lot easier. To get you started, I recommend looking into the Web of Trust browser add-on. WoT lets you know what sites are trustworthy and which ones are not while you are web-browsing on your favorite search engine before you even start clicking links! WoT is a community-driven application where the trustworthiness of a site is determined by the ratings given by WoT members. You can find more information about this add-on at

3. Don't forget to back-up your data!

If there is one thing that is not mentioned enough in the world of computers, it's to back-up your data on another storage device - on a consistent basis. Northwest ISD has given every student and staff member with a system login a network drive on their district device to allow everyone something they can back-up their important files onto. If you think that's a lot, the network drive for every person in our district gets backed up twice every single weekday! So if you accidentally delete something from that drive, it is very easy to recover it (drop by the tech office if you need help with doing this!). It is important to note, however, that the network drive (called "H" drive) can only be accessed while you are on campus.

For back-ups you would like to keep elsewhere, external hard drives, USB storage drives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, and SD cards are your primary options. When backing up your data, consider using an archiving program like 7-zip ( to not only compress files to make more efficient use of the back-up device's space, but also to encrypt and password protect your sensitive data. By doing this, a person will not be able to view information contained within files or decompress the files until the correct password is put into the archive utility.

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Saturday, May 2nd, 8am

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Steele students who register for this SAT test date will meet in the Steele parking lot for a light breakfast before going in to test. Breakfast will be available in the student parking lot at 7:30 am.

Steele AHS Prom

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