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Throughout the month of January, your child will participate in lessons and activities promoting kindness to ourselves. All students will discover the importance of having a growth mindset and mindfulness" All grades will explore the difference between listening to their inner coach and inner critic and work on channeling their inner coach during challenging times.

Be Kind To Yourself - Empower Tools | GoNoodle

Cultivating a Growth Mindset in Your Child

"One easy way to help children develop a growth mindset is to introduce them to books which promote persistence, love of learning, learning from mistakes and other key growth mindset ideas." Here is a list of popular growth mindset books for you and your student to enjoy!

Fifth Grade Students-Transitioning to Middle School

Fifth grade will begin thinking about and discussing plans for middle school. If your child is in fifth grade, please be on the lookout for digital course selection sheets being sent out via XELLO at the beginning of January.

Xello World Challenge-College and Career

XELLO Challenge-All Students

Do to testing we will not be having Mrs. Munoz’s SEL (Social Emotional Learning) today. However, I would like students to complete as many Xello missions as possible starting today and throughout Spring Break! Mrs. Munoz will be checking to see who has completed the most missions and the top 2 students from each grade level will receive a special price from Mrs. Munoz.

Say hello to Xello! (Formerly Career Cruising)

Xello is an engaging online program that helps students build the skills, knowledge and plans to be future ready. The program uses an investigative, discovery-based learning process. Students better understand themselves, their future career options, and the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed.

1) Watch Introduction video to Xello k-2, 3-5
2) Find Xello under Self Service in your I-Pad to download APP or click on College & Career Readiness Software below-
3) Log In to the Program (Find your Log In Information in your Google Classroom or see list below)
4) Start completing as many missions as possible -have fun playing games and learning about different careers at the same time!


What yoga does to your body and brain - Krishna Sudhir


December 21-January 4 Winter Break (No School)

January 9 Virtual GPISD Experience

January 16 Middle School Course Selection Sheets Due (5th Grade Only)

January 18 School Holiday (No School)

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Hilda L Munoz

972-522-6710 OFFICE

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School Counseling Program Mission

The mission of Bush’s Counseling program is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students' academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs. This is accomplished through a partnership with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to enable all students to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world.


Bush Counseling program will empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a comprehensive program that addresses academic, personal/social, and career goals. We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence. School counselors believe that every student can succeed through the intentional collaborative efforts of school, home, and community leading to responsible and productive global citizens.