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February 11, 2016-3rd Edition

District Spotlight on Student Learning

Governor Proclaims February is Lifelong Learning Month

Missouri Lifelong Learning Month

Governor Nixon issued a proclamation designating the month of February as "Missouri Lifelong Learning Month" and recommends that it be observed with appropriate activities in the public schools to promote public awareness of the importance of ongoing education throughout each person's lifetime.

Survey for Elementary Math Specialists

The Department is gathering information about the new K-6 Elementary Math Specialist degree and certification programs. The survey should only take about five minutes. The deadline for completing the survey is Feb. 16.

Survey Link

District Updates

Since February is Lifelong Learning Month....check out something interesting to read!

The MVR-III PDC Library is located at Central Office. Want to check out a book? Simply fill out the form located on the District Professional Development website and Cheryl McDaniel will send it your way.

Lighter side of Learning

Have a funny cartoon, video, or quote related to loving the teaching and learning journey? Send it to a Curriculum Committee Member or PD Rep and ask to have it included in one of the Thursday Thoughts for Learning weekly newsletters.
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District Spotlight on Educator Learning


Student Panel at February Tech Committee Meeting

Students from Meramec Valley Middle School and Riverbend attended the February 1 Technology Committee Meeting to discuss the 1:1 implementation plan beginning in the 2016-17 school year. Following are answers/comments to some of the questions that were presented to them (keep in mind that students are very honest with their answers!):

1. How are you using technology in your classroom now?

    • Using it a lot for Google Classroom and Drive, some classes more than others (Social Studies)
    • Not using it as much, due to lack of resources. Need to get cart or go to lab, which limits time of use
    • Projects in Health and Social Studies
    • Not as much use as I would like to
    • Using Google Classroom a lot for projects and keyboarding
    • ELA to write and read stories

2. Do you feel having your own Chromebook that can be taken home would be a positive thing?

    • Positive - everything is in one place
    • Families that can’t afford would have a device, less paper & textbook costs
    • Not losing paperwork assignments (x2)
    • More interested in assignments
    • Don’t have to bother parents for device

3. Do you have any concerns about having your own Chromebook?

    • Forgetting CB would be a problem
    • Some of older teachers may not be as comfortable using technology
    • Negative might be breakage or loss
    • Could cause distraction
    • Some irresponsible students may lose device

4. What questions do you have for us?

  • Any way to prevent or reduce damage?
    • Will likely purchase case or sleeve
  • Will students be able to bring own tech in?
    • Still working on policy, but BYOD would have to do same things as district CB
  • Will there be places to charge the devices?
    • Student responsibility, but there will be some charging stations
  • Will it monitor Internet so kids don’t get off-track?
    • Yes, Lightspeed will block the same sites at home as they do at school
  • What about students who don’t have WiFi at home?
    • Work offline on CB, and upload when return to WiFi
    • When asked if students would take advantage of public WiFi hotspots, most said yes. One 8th grader said that dedicated students would

CIA News

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PDC News

PDC is looking host a book study beginning in March

PDC would like to sponsor another book study for MVR-III. Please use the form to vote for your book study choice or to recommend a new book for consideration.

Writing on the Walls Week...only three weeks away

Check out the following guests who are spotlighted at events across the district throughout the Week of February 29-March 4, 2016. Ask your building WriteON Committee Member for more information!

Two of MVR-III Singer/Songwriters will also appear at MVMS during WOTW

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Free Webinar to support Student Writing

Free webinar: Using Discussion to Inspire Writing
Join Terry Roberts, director of the National Paideia Center and co-author of The Better Writing Breakthrough, for a discussion of how to use formal classroom discussion to inspire student writing that is more clear, coherent and sophisticated. In particular, Roberts will show you how to use Socratic Seminar Dialogue to help students generate both new ideas and language with which to express those ideas in their writing. Register now for this Feb. 25th webinar. Register here.

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