Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

What a Week!!!

8th graders - Thanks to a grant that some of the girls wrote, we got to travel to the Columbia Pet Center and spend our grant money. The tank is set up and ready for our axolotl!!!!

6th/7th grade - We built our gingerbread structures this week which took most of the day and all of our supplies!!! They will build and finish a little more next week and then Skype with some other classrooms involved!

Elementary - We also started building our houses and buildings. They look great. We worked in our Christmas in the Big House books, and did an instant challenge and a new foldable puzzle!!!

Next Week's Schedule

Monday - Build Gingerbread Houses and set up for Showcase

Tuesday - Finish Gingerbread Houses, Skype

Wednesday - Finish GIngerbread Houses, Skype

Thursday -3rd/4th - Due to to many activities at Bartley on this day we will, unfortunately, have to cancel class. It was just to difficult to try and schedule around. I am so sorry!!!

Scholastic Book Orders

Several of the elementary kids requested access to the middle school level book orders. They are actually way better and focus on books instead of all of the knick-knack things. I have set up an online store and will also send home flyers. if you have never used the online order it is really easy and then the books will be delivered to me.

Project Extra Passion Project Open House

Monday, Dec. 17th, 5:30-6:30pm

Fulton Middle School Cafeteria

Students will display and share their passion projects. They have some great ideas and can't wait to share them with you!!!

Global Gingerbread Challenge

Do you have candy left over from Halloween? Valentine's Day? Last Christmas???? We have the perfect solution!! Bag it up and send it to Project X this week. Old cereal, crackers, baking sprinkles, send them our way!! We need all the help we can get with recreating the city of Fulton in gingerbread form. If you have any cool ideas and want to donate supplies, we would love it!!

Affective Studies

This week we are looking at how to have empathy towards others during the holidays, including family. It is a very stressful yet joyous time for everyone but everyone's stresses are different and joys are different. Even traditions are different. How can we be more understanding of those that are different, learn more about their traditions and beliefs, while celebrating our own? How do we help those whose holidays are not joyous? Who are members in our community that might need a little helping hand in the joy department?

Well, the kids came up with three areas that they would like to focus on; The VFW, the Children's Hospital, and the Presbyterian Manor. We have Joy boxes that we are making that will be full of cards, decorations, origami, etc... Our hope is that we can sneak in a visit with the nursing home and maybe the others as well. We will definitely deliver the boxes next week though.

Finding Books for my Gifted Reader

I have had several teachers and parents reach out about finding appropriate books for their gifted students. This link has a ton of resources that will hopefully help everyone out!!

Steam and iD camps

As things come across my desk, I will continue to add them to the list. I will put the newest ones at the top of the list. Thanks!