Bath County Middle School


Thursday, November 19, 2020


  • School is back to all virtual for students thru November 30. If you have any questions about your assignments please contact your teachers either via email or phone.
  • Students do need to login daily and check every class for assignments those students who are virtual.
  • We will know more about school starting back after the board meeting on Monday, November 23.


  • All sports and practices are on hold while the County is in the Red


School News

  • The 2020 Limestone League Academic Tournament is now in the books. The Bath County Academic quick recall team, comprised of Trey Thomas, Cameron Warner, Isaiah Bashford, Karson Tolle, and Jacob Hatfield, fought hard against a Simons Middle School, who had a record of 7-1 going into tonight. The first half was a nailbiter, and this young team gave up. Unfortunately, BCMS lost 31-17. The score really doesn't tell been answered a month ago! This team doesn't have any 8th graders, but nobody would have known that based on questions they answered tonight! Congratulations to Trey Thomas who answered 5 toss-up questions, Isaiah Bashford who answered 2. Cameron Warner who answered 3, and Karson Tolle who answered 1. The team also worked together to answer 4 bonus questions correctly and steal 2 bounceback questions. This young team will be tough to beat next year when they meet Simons Middle School next year. We are so proud of our Academic team!

Quote of the day: Minds are like parachutes--they only function when open." Thomas Dewar



The Title I program at Bath County Schools promotes the belief that all children can learn and acknowledges that parents share the school’s commitment to educational success for all students. We recognize that a student’s education is a responsibility shared by school, family, students, and community. District staff and staff within Title I schools work jointly to ensure effective involvement of parents and the success of the students in reaching high academic standards.


Todd Neace Principal

Misty Johnson Assistant Principal

Hillary Lewis Counselor

Kaye Wells YSC

Missy Vincent Bookkeeper

Crystal Fields Attendance Clerk

Tracye Botts Receptionist

Reminder to Parents: Students are not allowed to be dropped off at BCMS before 7:30 am, doors do not open until then. Masks must be worn by all who enter BCMS. Thank you!