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Getting There

Samoa is a very beautiful place. From lucious rainforests to colorful reefs, Samoa always has an adventure waiting to be discovered. Getting to Samoa is a very long, but worthy process. It will take three connecting flights on Fiji Airways to get there. The first flight will be from Denver Colorado to Los Angeles California. It is an 1 and 1/2 hour flight. After getting to Los Angeles, you will have to wait until getting on your next plane going to Nadi. This plane ride will be very long you, it is about 12 hours. You will then have to wait for your next plane to Apia Faleolo . This plane ride is about 2 hours. Welcome to Samoa! Get ready for an adventure. A round trip for two adults is about $3000

Where to Stay

When in Samoa you obviously have to stay in a tree house. Lupa Sina Treesort has a two-bedroom tree house for $2,800 dollars for 7 Nights. It is the only luxury house in the south pacific. It comes equipt with all of the kitchen appliances you can imagine, working plumbing, a view of the rainfrorests and ocean, a wake-up service, and even an included breakfast. This tree house is built up an ancient Banyan tree. How many people do you know that can say they slept in an ancient Banyan tree? Fully furnished and beautiful, this tree house is not an experience to miss.


When visiting samoa we will definitley have tons to do. Whether it's relaxing on the beach or swimming with turtles, we have tons to do. In the Sato'alepai Village you can swin with turtles for a fee of $5 dollars for adults and $3 dollars for children. This may seem unreal, considering the price, but the fact that Sea Turtles are not very rare around that area affects the price. If you just need a relaxing day, the surrounding beaches of the island are a sight to be seen. With clear blue water and multiple sea creatures, the water of Samoa is something to be discovered. Another great activity in Samoa is to visit the local markets. These markets are known for their unique products, and tropical food. Be adventurous and try something new!


Samoa was first settled in by Polynesians in 1000 B.C.Polynesians. Germany originally owned Samoa but it was taken from Germany by New Zealand in 1914. On January 1, 1946 the island became independent. Samoa's Tourism industry has been progressing, even though it's not a big surprise considering it is a South Pacific Paradise.


Some problems in Samoa include Mosquitos, Tropical Storms, Contaminated Water and food. All of these problems can be avoided with precautionary measures. Your Tree house contains a mosquito net and bug spray can be bought in a nearby store. To avoid Tropical Storms and Cyclones avoid going to Samoa in months from November to April. Even though we are going in febuary, (right in the middle of these months) it is safer and best to go in May, June, July, August, September, and October. Contaminated water and food can easily be avoided by keeping track of what you intake to be sure that it is safe and healthy for you. Altough Samoa has it's problems, with caution and safety they can all be avoided.


In conclusion, Samoa is a beautiful and exciting place to travel too. From the clear blue waters to the flowing palm trees, the island is full of adventure and beauty. If you're looking for paradise, then fly on over and have a good time! Stay in a Banyan tree! Swim with the turtles! Have some awesome new food! Enjoy your stay!

About the Traveler

Isabelle Haynes loves to travel. Although she has only been out of the country one time she plans to visit many countries, and islands including Samoa. This summer she has planned a trip to Europe and hopes to have an adventure. She loves beaches and sandy places but also loves history and museums.She would like to vist Samoa because of the beautiful scenery.
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