The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

By: Korbin Kittelson

What is a Civilization

A civilization is an advanced cultural society

5 things they must have

  • Religion
  • Organized government
  • Surplus of food
  • Form of writing
  • Specialization of labor

The Start of Egyptian Civilization

The Egyptians were founded in 3500 B.C.
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Food Supply

The Egyptians had an abundance of food around them. They raised cattle, lamb, and pork. They harvested wheat and barley before mastering the arts of baking and fermentation.

Government of Ancient Egypt

The government of Ancient Egypt was called theocracy.

Theocracy- Ruled by a religious leader

Every civilization was built from rules and regulations. For Egypt they used a single figure that held all the power. This figure was known as a pharaoh.


The Egyptians believed in polytheism where they worshipped many different idols like Anubis or Horus. The Egyptians were very religious and carried out many different rituals and sacrifices including mummification


The Ancient Egyptian writing was called hieroglyphics. They were symbols rather than letters and they were often related to their religion.

Specialization of Labor

The Egyptians were culturally great and the Egyptian government forced people to be slaves and make incredible structures. These structures included the Pyramids and the sphinx statues. The Egyptians were very skilled in architect and also baking.


Inventions set Egyptians apart from other civilizations.

Advancement In Society

The Ancient Egyptians had such a wide varieties of jobs, from fishermen to jewelers. The Egyptians economy became self-sustained from the variety of goods. They became such a rich nation that they used non-coin gold and silver as the currency. To make it equally balanced they used scale to measure weight and decide how much it is worth ounce for ounce.


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