Happy Pride Month, Everyone!

Here is a collection of resources to help cultivate a safe and welcoming space for everyone in Limestone.

As the world celebrates Pride Month, honouring global 2SLGBTQ+ accomplishments and recognizing the social justice work that still needs to be done, this is a great time to reflect on our role, as educators, in ensuring all LDSB students and staff feel well-supported and a sense of belonging in Limestone.

Here are the details for both the Kingston Pride Parade!

We hope to see students, staff and families join us as we make a difference in helping to represent LDSB as an equitable, and inclusive school community where everyone feels safe, comfortable, and accepted.

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Kingston Pride Parade: Saturday, June 18, 2022

The parade starts at 11am. LDSB will have a school bus as part of the contingent.


McBurney (Skeleton) Park, 30 Alma Street.


The Parade is scheduled to begin at 11am. All participants are asked to arrive at 10am for staging.

LDSB students and staff please arrive at McBurney Park by 10:00 am to decorate the bus, distribution of LDSB Pride t-shirts and parade staging. Look for the yellow school bus!


Unless otherwise communicated, there is no defined parking location for parade participants. Patrick, Bay, Raglan, Redden and Sydenham Streets may provide street parking around McBurney (Skeleton) Park.

(Kingston Pride contact: Jamie George (She/Her)


The parade route leaves McBurney Park and travels down Princess Street, onto Ontario and ends at Confederation Park in front of City Hall.

Depending on number of participants the school bus can take participants back up to McBurney Park immediately following the parade. Boarding of the bus (potentially) on Market Street/Ontario.

Limestone District School Board will be flying the Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag for the month of June!

Many students, staff, families, and community members identify as members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. We fly the Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride flag, engage in inclusive programming, and hold events to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that everyone not only sees themselves in Limestone but also feels a strong sense of belonging and connectedness.

This is consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code which protects marginalized groups from discrimination and harassment. We want everyone who learns, works or volunteers in our school board to feel safe and supported, valued and seen.

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About the FLag

In addition to the 6 colors of the original Rainbow Flag, this flag includes five arrow-shaped lines acknowledging groups that have been historically left out of Pride events.

The black and brown stripes represent members of the Black, Indigenous, and racialized 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

The pink, light blue, and white stripes incorporate the colours of the Transgender Pride flag.

The purple circle and yellow triangle represent the Intersex community.

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Let's Share LDSB's Pride across the District!

Do you have something happening at your school that you would like to share?

Would your school like to help decorate the Pride Bus or make banners/signs for the Pride parades?

Please reach out to Rae McDonald, with your inquiries or updates!

Explaining the 2SLGBTQ+ Acronym

Inclusive Classroom Tips

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Check out Trans Wellness Ontario's list of resources on pronouns, including some Pronoun Basics, How to Respond to Misgendering, and how to use They/Them, Mixed/Multiple, and Neo-Pronouns!


Here is an article with tips on addressing frequently asked questions in an ELEMENTARY SETTING:

"Kids today are already being exposed to information about sexual orientation and gender identity from a young age. It is time to move from the debate about whether or not we should be having these conversations, and consider how we should be having these conversations."

Read more here:

ETFO: ETFO continues to provide groundbreaking work in the area of 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion in Ontario classrooms. Their 2SLGBTQ+ resources and information are included here:PDF |Word​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Inclusive SECONDARY SETTING Strategies:

  • Begin with researching 2SLGBTQ+ personalities reflective of your subject area and have pictures displayed, names listed as part of possible project topics to celebrate their contributions
  • Explore historical events that demonstrate the oppression of this group (e.g. World War Two/ Pink Triangle, Stonewall riots in NYC) in subject areas such as History, English, and Family Studies.
  • Consider same-sex word phrases in your examples, on tests, etc.
  • Choose positive representations of the 2SLGBTQ+ community for films, book selections (i.e. “Boy Meets Boy” by David Levithan) to support the normalization of the 2SLGBTQ+ community)
  • Encourage continued critical thinking skills through deconstruction: allow students to look for the “silences,” the “invisibility” in media, art, music, and literature, of the 2SLGBTQ+ communities (e.g. TV commercials and representation)
  • Ensure the 2SLGBTQ+ voice is represented when teaching about social sciences, social theories, families, health and physical education (e.g. healthy relationships).
  • Use inclusive vocabulary that demonstrates to your students that you are not assuming everyone in the classroom is heterosexual.

From: Embedding LGBTQ Topics in the Curriculum: Looking at the Need, Examining the Barriers, and Considering the Possibilities in the Secondary School Setting


"As educators, we should provide both windows and mirrors in our curriculum, ensuring that our book selection represents a diverse array of people and identities. This also means that we must represent the intersectionality that exists in the 2SLGBTQ+ community, sharing stories of different genders, ethnicities, races, religions, and classes."

Quote from:

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LDSB Documents

Supporting & Protecting LDSB Transgender-Spectrum and/or Gender Non-Conforming Students

The Board recently updated (fall 2020) a support document with definitions and explanations regarding terms and pronouns that students may prefer for themselves.

The following guidelines preserve and protect the rights, privacy, confidentiality, safety, health, and dignity of transgender and/or gender non-conforming students at all times – in all Limestone District School Board schools, related events and activities – both inside and outside of school hours: Supporting & Protecting LDSB Transgender-Spectrum and/or Gender Non-Conforming Students

Did You Know... has a page just for LDSB, featuring board-specific information on the policies and local resources that can help you to provide or advocate for an environment free from gender expression and gender identity discrimination.
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