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Spring 2021

March 8-12, 2021

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Dear Fife Families,

We got off to a good start transitioning to our new schedule last week. I shared with the students on campus how excited I was to see their faces, but that my joy is still tempered knowing that ALL of the Trojans are not yet back. I continue to look forward to this day with great hope and anticipation.

In this edition of Fife High News read below about the State's COVID 19 survey that students will be taking. Also of note, seniors learn about the new Senior Countdown Newsletter.

Hybrid Parents, if you have not yet set up your student's phone number in the Daily Symptom checker system, below is a reminder on how to do that. The more students who have this accessible on their own phones the faster our check in will go in the morning.

Thank you so much!

Get 'Em Trojans,

Brandon Bakke


At a Glance: Important Events and Dates

Mon March 8

  • 10:30 Family (in zoom as usual).
  • Teacher Office Hours expand to 12:20-2:20

Tues March 9

  • Cohort A and Remote

Wed March 10

  • Cohort B

Thurs March 11

  • Cohort A and Remote

Fri March 12.

  • Cohort B

Students: Remember on days you don't have class... complete your Asynchronous Day Attendance Check In!

State law requires that FHS have an attendance check in on Asynchronous learning days (days you are not with a teacher).
  • Each morning on your Asynch days you will get an email front the attendance office prompting you, the student, to fill out the check in form for the day.
  • EACH day a new link and is ONLY good for that day.
  • Simply check the link to the form, fill it out, and hit submit.
  • This must be done by 12PM each of these days and will only take you a few seconds to complete.
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This week students will be taking the State's COVID-19 Student Survey. The purpose of the survey is to collect information to help teachers, school leaders, and community partners better understand how to meet the needs of youth. This survey asks questions about student’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey is optional for the students and is anonymous. They also can skip any questions they don't want to respond to. Information gathered in this survey will help the State of Washington identify what resources are needed to meet the needs of our students.

For more information about the state's survey click here:

Troubleshooting setting up the The Daily Symptom Checker! (Attestation)

  1. Reminder for parent/guardians to input your students cell phone number entered so you can get the daily text reminder.

  2. Be sure your parents are looking for the email titled: School Health Check

  3. In order to get your phone number imputed, you have to answer “yes” I’m coming to school that day. If you say “no” you won’t have the option until the next time your scheduled to come in.

  4. Each day an EMAIL and LINK is sent, it ONLY works for that DAY (you can't use a link sent in a previous day email).

  5. More troubleshooting: be sure to check junk mail if you parent has not seen it in their inbox.

Around Campus

This Week's Schedule:

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New: Senior Countdown Newsletter

Seniors and Senior Families!

Every few weeks over the course of 2nd semester we will keep you up to date on the important dates and info leading up to Graduation. This will include Graduation, College and Career, and scholarship information. The Senior Countdown will be emailed to senior students and families on Sunday 3/7 but you can also access it now using this link: Click HERE to see the 1st Edition. This edition has important info about picking up your graduation gown AND the Fife Scholarship Application which is now open!

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Next Phase of Construction has begun

The next phase of construction on the Fife High School STEAM center has begun. The future home of our Trojan Digital Media and Film Academy, Graphic Arts Program, Trojan Café, Art Department, Robotics, and our Science Department! Construction will be completed sometime next school year. Be sure to be careful in our parking lots as construction projects are happening on both sides of the campus.

Important Reminders

Food Info

  • Food pick up stations will continue on Mondays only. Students can pick up packs of meals for the week.
  • Students who come to campus. School Lunches are available when you are at school.
  • The days you are on campus you can pick up a breakfast go pack when you leave each day.

Transportation Information

Hybrid students who indicated they are riding the bus can obtain their bus information using this link: LINK HERE

  • Remember masks required on the bus
  • You will be assigned a seat on the bus

Fife High School

Our Mission: To be a school that prepares all students for life beyond high school by developing their mind, body, and character