Radical Revolution Vocab

By: Jessica KInzer


A guillotine is a large heavy bladed machine used to execute people. It was the most humane way to kill someone since it was instant and painless.

National Convention

This was made up of Maximilien Robespierre, Georges Danton, and the Sans-culottes.

  • urged people to stand up for their rights
  • wanted revenge on anymore not loyal to the ideas and cause of revolution
  • removed all power from monarch or King Louis the 16th

Maximilien Robspierre

He becomes the voice of the people during the French Revolution. He wanted universal polls for all adult males.

He followed Rousseau's social contract

  • following general will of the people
  • he killed a lot of people using the guillotine.
  • he was killed because he went against the revolution by not ending the terror as the people wished.
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Georges Danton

He was the voice of the military. What ever he told them to do they would do it or go to the guillotine.

  • he was killed by Robespierre because he was accused for going against the revolution.

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The National Convention was divided into two groups. This was one of them. They wanted the King to stay alive.
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