Battle of Midway

By:Shaquille Carrillo

The date the Battle of Midway started was on June 4th 1942 and only lasted three days, the battle ended on June 7th 1942. Only two nations fought in the war, the United States and Japan. They fought on a tiny mid-pacific U.S. base, not that far from Japan. About 3,364 troops died, 307 Americans and 3057 Japanese lost there lives. The United States were victorious in this battle.
This battle was significant because it was the first victory for the Allied forces. After this battle the Allies started winning more battles instead of losing.
Three interesting facts about this battle was that the Yorktown (a ship that was damaged during the attack of Pearl Harbor) was supposed to take months to repair but just after three days of repairing they took it to midway. It was very useful in the battle but was sunk during it. Another fact was that Admiral Chester W. Nimitz cracked the Japanese code before the battle so the U.S. knew exactly what the Japanese was going to bring and when they were coming. Another fact is that this battle finally stopped the Japanese advancement.