McCarthy Memo Family Update

May 2, 2021

Greetings McCarthy Families!

Good afternoon McCarthy School Families!

It is hard to believe that May is here already! April showers have certainly brought us some beautiful May flowers!!

This week is teacher appreciation week. We are so thankful to have such a dedicated staff at McCarthy and have a week filled with fun activities and some special treats to show our appreciation.... for all they do to teach, support, and grow our students!!

A reminder that all Thursdays this month are early release days, with a 12:05 pm dismissal.

Parent conferences are happening on three of these early release days, so if you have not yet scheduled a conference, please reach out to your students' classroom teacher by email, the Remind App, or by calling the main office (508-626-9161) to leave a message for them. This is wonderful opportunity for families to meet with teachers and discuss your child's progress.

As always, thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a great week!

Ms. Cynthia Page, Principal

Ms. Jean Nolan, Assistant Principal

This week our Memo includes the following topics:

  • FPS Return to School Update 4/30/21

  • COVID related information

    • FPS COVID 19 updates

    • Student Pool Testing Information and Consent Forms

    • MyMedBot App

  • Cooperation - Character Trait for the Month for MAY!

  • School Dismissal Information

  • FPS Elementary School Family and Student Handbook
  • Cell Phone and Electronic Devices
  • Elementary Dress Code
  • Student Contact Information

  • Food Resources for Families in Need

  • School Lunch Menu for May

  • Important Dates to Remember

COVID Related Information

FPS COVID-19 Updates

This webpage is for the FPS District COVID 19 Updates. It includes the FPS Covid Dashboard and Pool Testing Dashboard.

Pool Testing at McCarthy for in-person students

McCarthy continues Pool Testing on Tuesday, May 4th, for students who have already returned to in-person learning and whose family has completed the consent form. This is voluntary but without a completed consent, students will not be included in the pool.

Please return the consent form if you wish to have your student pool tested weekly.

Student Pool Testing Information and Consent Forms

We are hopeful to have as many students as possible be COVID Tested, during the day, each week. Please click here for consent forms and testing information

MyMedBot App

All of our students who have/will be returning to the building for In-Person learning should be using the MyMedBot App EVERY MORNING by 8:00am. We check our report just before 8:00am to ensure all students and staff are screened for potential Covid symptoms. If you use our Family Drop Off Area, staff are requiring families to show the GREEN SCREEN on the app that shows the questions have been answered for that day. If your child rides the bus, we are checking students as they disembark off the bus.

If you have ANY questions OR need assistance getting/using the MyMedBot app, please reach out to the COVID Call Center.

You can reach the COVID Call center by email

or by calling 508-782-6633

MyMedBot COVID Support Center Hours


The Call Center is available Monday through Friday: 5:00am to 6pm

COOPERATION - May Character Trait of the Month

Big picture

Try these conversation starters with your child:

  • Discuss a time when you used cooperation to reach a goal.

  • What does cooperation look like and sound like in a classroom? What about when you are at home?

  • How can working together make things easier?

  • What happens when people do not cooperate?

  • What could you say or do to help everyone cooperate?

These one pagers have resources and activities and links to read alouds on Cooperation.

Cooperación (Sp) Cooperação (P) Cooperation (E)

McCarthy dismissal is at 2:30PM (12:05PM on Early Release)


12:05 for Early Release (ER) days)

Teachers use this space for instruction and mask breaks until 2:15. (11:50 for ER)


Staff are on duty in our Pick Up area until 2:55pm. Consider coming LATER to pick up your student. We have little to no wait after 2:45. If you can adjust your schedule, it would be helpful for us.

We WILL ASK YOU TO CIRCLE OUR CAMPUS if our lot is full.

Take a right onto Warren Road, first RIGHT onto Oaks Rd and then first RIGHT onto Flagg Drive. This will bring you back to our school.

****NOTIFY THE MAIN OFFICE 508-626-9161, if there is a change in the typical dismissal plans for your child, send a note for the classroom teacher. Last minutes changes should be communicated with the office prior to 1:30 pm.

***EARLY DISMISSALS: If you need to dismiss your child before the end of the school day, it must be before 2:15 pm.

Meeting Walkers- an option instead of Family Pick Up

If you would like to park across the street in the MASS BAY parking lot, YOU CAN WALK TO THE WALKER AREA(explained below) to pick up your child. You MUST NOTIFY THE OFFICE if you want to switch to this process.

This year our "Walkers" will exit out the right side of the school near the gym. Parents can wait for their child to be dismissed at this door, beginning at 2:30. If you are meeting your walker, please know we will ask you for identification before we can release a student to you.

FPS Elementary School Family and Student Handbook

Click here for the entire FPS Handbook

Below, we are specifically drawing your attention to the Cell Phone and Dress code information to remind families of our policies around these. Please review with your child. CELL PHONES may be brought into school IF they are in backpackes and turned OFF during the school day. They may not be out at recess, in class, the bathrooms, etc. If your child needs to reach you OR you need to reach your child during school hours, please call the Main Office at 508-626-9161.

A reminder to dress your child appropriately for the weather each day as we do go outside whenever possible. Please see the additional guidance below.

Thank you for your attention to these 2 areas. We appreciate you reminding your child about our policies, too!!

Cell Phone Policy and Elementary Dress Code

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

These items are not allowed to be used during the school day. If parents provide their child with a cellphone it must be turned off and kept in their backpack. If a student has their cell phone/electronic device out during the school day, a staff member will confiscate the item, notify parents and return it to the student at the end of the day. If there are repeat offenses, items will be confiscated and parents will be contacted and asked to come to the school and meet and pick up the phone/device.

Elementary Dress Code

The responsibility for the dress and appearance of the students will rest with the individual students and parents. However, clothing should be clean, neat, meet safety and sanitary standards, not be distracting, offensive, or disrupt the educational process. Students who come to school inappropriately dressed may be asked to cover up, change their clothing, or parents may be called to bring in other clothing.

  • Hats - Student’s hats are to be removed in the school building. Exceptions may be made by the Principal for religious or medical reasons or designated school “Spirit Days.”

  • Footwear - Students are required to wear appropriate footwear at all times. Sneakers are required for gym class. For safety and sanitary reasons, closed-toe shoes should be worn throughout the school and, most especially, on the playground. Exceptions may be made for designated school “Spirit Days”.

  • Winter Dress - We expect students to be dressed for the weather. During cold weather months, students are encouraged to wear warm clothing to school so they are ready for the elements.


Please make sure your we have update-to-date contact information, including cell phone numbers, for all Primary and Emergency contacts associated with your child(ren). At least 4 contacts should be listed. It is extremely important that we’re able to reach you for important communications, for contact tracing if needed, and to ensure MyMedBot is associated with the correct email address(es).

If your contact information has changed, please call the main office to update the information, 508-626-9161.

USDA Farmers to Families Food Distribution

In response to the massive food insecurity problem posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation (MMSF) was selected as a distribution partner for the USDA's Farmer's to Families program, which serves all families who are facing food insecurity challenges. The Farmer's to Families Food Boxes contain 32 pounds of perishable and nonperishable food items including fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat products.

The distribution process is on Saturdays, currently at Framingham High School and follows all COVID-19 health guidelines. Please click the link below for additional information and times.

School Lunch Menu for MAY

The Food Services department of the Framingham Public Schools publishes a monthly lunch menu for our students and families. We will be including the link for the menu each week in our smore. Click the Button Link Below to see the monthly menu.

Calendar of Events at McCarthy

Thur May 6 - Early release Parent conferences (dismissal at 12:05 pm)

Tue May 11/Wed May 12 - McCarthy Turnaround Site Visit conducted by SchoolWorks

Wed May 12 - School Council 6:00pm

Wed May 12 - PTO Meeting 7:00pm

Thur May 13 - Early release - Parent conferences (dismissal at 12:05 pm)

Thur May 20 - Early release - Professional Development (dismissal at 12:05 pm)

Thur May 27 - Early release - Parent conferences (dismissal at 12:05 pm)

Mon May 29 - No School - Memorial Day

Updated FPS Family Resources Guide

FPS Food services and many other community partners are providing food/meals for families in need. Please click here for an updated list of these resources.

FPS District Calendar and Updates

Please note: These calendars have been updated as of 9/28/20 to include 4 half days for parent teacher conferences on December 10, 17, and January 7 and 14.