Business Continuity Planners

By: Sabine Villaron

Job Description

Business Continuity Planner is recovering strategies and solutions, includes risk for assignments. Plan regularly, act as an coordinator continuity effort after a disruption event. You need two years of experience. You need experience in five of the subject matter areas of the Professional Practices. Regular re-certification requires an ongoing commitment to continuing education and industry activities. Preferred Job Skills; Critical thinking, writing, judgement and decision making. Salary is $78,600 per year and the job outlook is 19% (faster than average).

Career Connections

Try you best to succeed in life, give it you 100% to get to where you want to be. You should be a Continuity Planner because you are helping the people and if you like helping people this is a good opportunity.
Business Continuity Planning

High School Preparation

In order to prepare for this type of career I would have to be able to participate in school in and after school. I would take Career Internship because it helps you prepare for what is expected, and take Entrepreneurship because you need to be able to think of solution and try your hardest. This would be good related courses to take in school. Out of school extra-curricular activities will be Key club because you are helping the community and the world, and Society club because you need to be able to interact with people and help them with their problems. For volunteer I should take an internship near the area to help me see what it’s like working in that business.


  1. Mrs. Carlin- Literacy teacher, school district #212

  2. Mrs. Smith English teacher , school district #212

  3. Mrs. Casey Literacy teacher, school district #212

Post-Secondary Plans

If you want to pursue this career you have to go to college and get business, econ, math, science, and engineering majors. There is a lot of different colleges you can go to, to study Business Continuity Planners like, Boston College, Victoria College, Lamar State College, Central Georgia Technical College, and El Paso Community College. You need training programs to prepare you for this type of career. This training can be used in many settings, including small and large companies, and for profit and nonprofit organizations. In this program, you work with these tools through a combination of lecture, real-world examples, case discussion, and practice. One good internship opportunity is Rocket internship, they helps you find solutions for business intelligence, analytic storage, networks, , compliance application development, integration, modernization and database.

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