Tangerine Times

By:Hannah Miller

What's News?

  • A new family, the Fishers, moved into one of the houses closest to our town’s infamous muck fire. I sure hope that family doesn’t mind smoke!
  • A Lake Windsor High School football player, Mike Costello had a recent death due to lightning on the field. Those poor players are going to need some major therapy! {read more in our article, Tragedy on the Field}
  • Will Erik Fisher be the new Lake Windsor High School football star? He did very well at tryouts and is guaranteed a spot on the team (most likely as a placekicker). That kid has talent!

  • It's that time of year folks! Soccer season for the Lake Windsor Middle School is almost here! Come on down for their home games which we will have dates for soon! We are trying to get ahold of a schedule as well as a list of who made the team, so be on the lookout!

  • It's back to school season, which also means all of the clubs will be starting up soon at the Middle and High school! Look for flyer on the bulletin boards all around both schools to find out what kind of clubs will be available to sign up for!

  • Paul Fisher, a new student at Lake Windsor Middle school is legally blind! he wears super thick glasses, but they help him to see, so nobody judges. That poor kid!

  • The captain of the Lake Windsor Middle school is Gino Deluca! If you see him around town, wish him congratulations!

  • People are burning down trees to make new developments. This means lots of new people in town!

  • Lightning is striking a lot around here. If you aren't careful enough, you might get injured or killed!

  • Many houses in Lake Windsor Downs are complaining about a lady on the architectural committee leaving notes in their mail boxes about the silliest things that were 'wrong' with the way they had decorated their houses.*

Brotherly Rivalry In The Fisher Household

Erik Fisher and Paul Fisher are like polar opposites. Erik is a popular football player who soaks in all of the attention he receives, while Paul is a soccer player with just a few friends who sometimes wishes people would pay less attention to him, because of his semi-blindness. Erik doesn't follow the rules, and he is very ambitious. Paul is more of a rule follower and he stays in his own lane. Lastly, Erik is a guy who likes danger. After Paul's run-in with a solar eclipse, he is a little on the safe side. These brothers are complete opposites!*

Tragedy on the Field

On Tuesday, September 5th, Lake Windsor High School football player Mike Costello was struck by tragedy during practice. He was standing in the endzone, leaning against the goal post, when a bolt of lightning struck and hit the goal post. his teammates say they saw him fly across the field. When they got to his side, they saw that the whole left side of his hair was singed off. Mike Costello was a great boy and will be missed very much.*

MOYA close-up

Young adolescents go through many issues like insecurities, finding out what kind of person you are, and making friends. Many children in middle and high school struggle with thinking that people don't like them because of the way they look or act. this can be caused by cliques at school, their friends changing and maturing, bullying, and many other things. Because of this, children feel forced to grow up too quickly or hang out with the wrong kind of people. Another thing that children typically struggle with is finding who they are. This is caused by people putting them down, stereotypes, and fake friendships. People often try to be someone they are not, or attempt to become 'popular'. Lastly, all children struggle with making friends. They do this because they think that they should be liked by every one. This makes them change and do some bad things sometimes. Obviously, these are just a few things that young adolescents deal with. So don't say that your children don't go through a lot, because trust me, they do.*

Lake Windsor Downs Bake Sale

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 12-4pm

Lake Windsor Downs (Tangerine County, Florida)

We are hosting a bake sale in honor of Mike Costello in our neighborhood, Lake Windsor Downs. The goal is to raise enough money to set up a memorial in the center of our neighborhood. if you want to participate by making something (no store-bought goodies please!), bring it to the big pavilion in the center of the neighborhood at around 11:00 (no later than 11:45, no earlier than 10:30, please) on October 15. We will figure out prices once you get there so please have an estimate that is no more than $5.00 in your head. If you want to participate by purchasing something, you cannot buy anything before 12:00. If we raise extra money, it will go to the family to help pay for funeral costs.* {written by the Lake Windsor Downs Homeowners Association}