K12 Virtual Schools

See why K12 Virtual Schools are bad for our community.

Main Concerns.

Many complaints and concerns have been brought to the public’s attention lately about the K12 Virtual Schools. Non-certified teachers, low graduation rates, no student teacher contact, and overcrowded classes are just a few of the main concerns about K12 Virtual Schools.

Investigations In Process.

K12 Virtual Schools are technically public schools, because they are public schools they still have to follow the guidelines of a regular public school. Parents started to realize that their children weren’t excelling in school, so parents started to ask questions and raise concerns. After an interview with one of the K12 teachers it was brought to people’s attention that the teacher could only name about seven kids of her roster. She didn't know any of their names or even where they lived. It was later found out that there where over one hundred kids in most K12 Virtual School classes and that the teachers that where teaching the classes weren't certified teachers. They were having a certified teacher sign off on their assignments and their roster but the actual person teaching most of the classes is not certified teachers at all.

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No Time For Extra Help.

At K12 Virtual Schools there are no extra help programs, such as special education programs. The main reason for this is because teachers don't have time to devote any extra attention to kids that could even need anything explained twice. The program knows that with so many kids in each class rooms that no one kid will get any individual time at all with the teachers. Many kids have said that they have no contact with their teachers at all; many of them have never even talked to them. This is many parents main concern. Every parent wants their child to succeed and enjoy school, but parents and students have said that enjoying school and succeeding in school is virtually impossible.

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But We Can Help By Spreading the Word.

We can help keep the next generation educated by spreading the word. K12 Virtual Schools are leaving the next generation without a good education to succeed in life. If we spread the word we can prevent this for happening to our next generations.