John Wilkes Booth

Carly Lubon & Tyreese Webbs

Early Years

John Wilkes Booth was born May 10th 1838, in Bel Air,Maryland. Booth attended Bel Air Academy, Milton Boarding School for Boys, and also St. Timothy's Hall. Booth's dad was an immigrant and immigrated to the United States from England, where Booth and his nine other siblings were born. His family bought a 150 acre farm when they came to America. As a boy he was athletic and popular, and was skilled at horsemanship and fencing.

Contribution to the Civil War

During the Civil War John Wilkes Booth didn't fight he performed around the states.Booth would also smuggle things into the South. He also got engaged to the Senator's daughter.

Life After the Civil War

After the war was over, he plotted to kidnap Lincoln. He ended up shooting him in the back of the head instead. It all took place at Ford's Theater. Booth ran out and later was caught and executed. He died on April 26 1865, from a gunshot wound. He is buried at Green Mount Cemetery. He doesn't have any memorials, because he killed the president, and he took away a man everyone loved.

Interesting Facts

1) He was engaged

2) He had two siblings

3) He would also go by . J.B. Wilkes

4) He was an stage actor

5) He did not have any children