meth kills but first it takes your soul

do not do methamphetamine

meth: highly addictive, severe dental problems, high body temeperature and violent behavior. meth changes the way you look and it changes your life

meth is a stimulant

meth is a stimulant that speeds up the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) which causes you to die

meth is not save

meth causes your heart rate and breathing to speed up.

side effects of meth

On meth you can become jittery, shaky, and paranoid and meth can also rot your teeth

stay away from meth

meth kills you slowly but it will kill you because meth had a lot of deadly chemicals and it also changes you over time.

meth affects the brain

meth can cause significant changes to the brain. some are immediate and some happen over time


watch the video to see what meth can do to you
Real Faces of Meth "New" Video - Burton Films

by zaakirah abdullah