Questioning Strategies

by Amanda and Heather

Why should questioning be a part of your classroom?

Comprehension Strategy - Questioning

Question the Author

  • Primarily for non-fiction
  • Allows students to critique author's writing
  • Engages students with text---deeper meaning


  1. Select passage: interesting and can lead to conversation.
  2. Decide upon stopping points where students can delve deeper into understanding.
  3. Create critical thinking questions for each stopping point.

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Modes of Persuasion

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  • Students partner read a passage.
  • They write 2 - 3 questions to answer and quiz each other.
  • Builds knowledge and vocabulary through discussion.

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Question-Answer Relationship (QAR)

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Use of the QAR Strategy in Non Fiction

Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Marzano's Question Stems

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