Blackhawk Bulletin

September 9, 2015

Update on Mrs. Henderson

Mrs. Henderson called today to share that the pathology reports are in. The right side biopsy is clear (wonderful news!). The left side biopsy margins are too close to tell. This means that it could be clear or possibly not. One lymph node tested positive for cancer. Christie is going to meet with a radiation oncologist to get a second opinion. The options are radiology and/or further surgery. This appointment is tomorrow at 1:45 so please take a moment to think of Mrs. Henderson at this time.

An additional meeting with an oncologist is scheduled to get information about taking out more lymph nodes. Mrs. Henderson was so appreciative all of the support and love she is feeling from our staff. She requests continual prayer.

Reminder of Leader in Me Instructional Timeline

This was developed by the Lighthouse Team.

  • During the first 8 days of school present an overview of the habits. Include lots of hands-on activities and student engagement. By the end of the first 8 days of school, students should have a general understanding of the habits but more importantly have a strong sense of classroom community.
  • August 31 - September 11 - Focused instruction on Habit 1
  • September 14 - September 25 - Focused instruction on Habit 2
  • September 28 - October 9 - Focused instruction on Habit 3
  • October 12 - October 23 - Focused instruction on Habit 4
  • October 28 - November 6 - Focused instruction on Habit 5
  • November 9 - November 20 - Focused instruction on Habit 6
  • November 23 - November 24 - Focused instruction on Habit 7 (perhaps some type of school celebration for Sharpen the Saw)

Homework Reminders

Remember that homework should not be graded, should support what you have already taught in class and should be aligned with the updated NC Standards (Common Core). There was a huge article on the BCS Facebook page recently about how parents feel about homework and it wasn't positive. Carefully and reflectively assign homework if you choose to assign homework. The suggested amount of time is five minutes total per age of the child or ten minutes per grade level. For example a 6 year old should not be assigned something that takes more than 30 minutes and that includes nightly reading or in the second scenario, a fourth grader should not have more than 40 minutes. It is best when the grade level using their PLC and planning time to select the same homework assignments that correspond to the daily lesson. Remember to use up to date resources that reflect our current standards. Here is a link from Engage NY that has suggested lessons but some of the extension pages may be great for a quick review if it matches what you have taught in class.

Teacher Evaluation Reminders

Important Dates

  • September 10 - Lighthouse Team Meeting in the Conference Room at 2:45
  • September 14 - Volunteer Training at 1:15
  • September 15 - Teacher of the Banquet - Wahoo, Mrs. Hamlin!
  • September 16 - Elementary Principal's meeting
  • September 16 - SIT meeting - please send your agenda items to Vice Chair, Jennifer Shelton.
  • September 17 - Day of Caring
  • September 22 - Junior Blackhawk Fun Run Kickoff at 9 AM in the gym! Joint staff meeting at 3:00 at WPS.
  • September 23 - Early Release Day - we will have a meeting called, "BCS Cares". This is coming from the county office and a way for you to hear about the local charities that BCS encourages you to support. I will let you know of the time as soon as I know. It should be about 1PM. This is NOT a PLC Early Release Day so there is no expectation for you to work in your PLCs. If you choose to do so, then please record notes but otherwise, it is a day for you to complete paperwork and get caught up. Remember that websites and gradebooks should be updated regularly so this would be a great time to catch up on that if needed.
  • September 24 - Weaverville Open House 6:00 - 7:00 PM. Make sure to have a sign in sheet for parents!
  • September 25 - Birthday Book Celebration
  • September 29 - Fall Pictures - NO Leaders Achieve due to Title 1 training
  • September 30 - Principal's meeting and SIT Progress Reports and Safety Plan Due to County Office
  • October 1 - Staff meeting at 2:45 in the Media Center (Dr. Bowman from NBHS and My Learning Plan)
  • October 2 - Junior Blackhawk Fun Run! Shorts are allowed to be worn to school on this day by staff members!
  • October 6 and 7 - PLC School Team Data Discussions - refer to plan.
  • October 8 - 12:30 - 7:00 PM 'Creating Culture' workshop for staff. If you attended over the summer, you should plan to attend this training. We will discuss custodial and child nutrition staff closer to the date.
  • October 9 - 8:00 - 3:00 PM 'Lighthouse Team Training 1: Building the Plan'
  • October 26 and 27 - You don't have to work because you did in the summer when you attended Leader in Me training! Wahoo! Four day weekend! Celebrate!