Gay Rights

Everyone has an opinion on gay rights. Some support gays fully, some could care less, and some are completely against it. But why? We grow up with different cultures that tell us whats right an wrong. Some cultures are more harsh in certain areas. What we are taught is not always right or even kind. Fotry years ago discrimination and violence were very common things to see. people would, and still do today, use any reason to hurt someone different than. The truth is, all these bullies are just afraid.
For most their family is their backbone and support system. Unfortunately this changes in some families when a parent is told that their child loves someone of the same sex. If your daughter falls in love with a man wouldn't you want them to live happily? Now imagine the same scenario, but you daughter is in love with a woman. Is the situation still the same? Would you disown your precious little girl just because of who she fell in love with? Would you break her heart because you cant accept the truth?
At least once a week the news will show a story of how a homosexual person was just walking down the street minding their out business when they got jumped and beaten half to death. You might even hear that the were also raped. They are harassed and abused for being who they are.
Why is that boy wearing a dress? Why did that girl cut off all her hair and hide her body? "That girl" and "that boy" don't feel comfortably in their skin. She doesn't feel right wearing a dress, shes more comfortable out playing football with the guys, and he wants to look pretty and be complimented. They were born in the wrong bodies. Many people who feel like this get a sex change. Then they may be discriminated against and banned from the bathroom that they associate with. Parents think "I don't want my little girl to be in the women's restroom with a man in there. He should be in the men's bathroom." But this he is actually a she. The only difference is her hormones are medicinal and yours are natural.
It is known to all mature people that it takes a man and a woman to create a baby. This can be naturally or done in a lab. But in a relationship with two people of the same sex conception is impossible without a third party. The couple may chose to have the child themselves (or have a woman carry the baby) or they will adopt. There are people who stand outside hospitals and adoption centers and harass these people because the feel as tho they child will not turn out "normal." These people will love the baby so much more because of all the trouble to make the child their own. Sometimes parents are in relationships with the opposite sex and realize that id doesn't feel right. Those who already have children are treated just the same as the new parents. The children has just the same chance to turn out "normal" as every other child on the planet. They will just know right off the bat how to be more caring and accepting. I am an example of this. My mother has a girlfriend and i seemed to turn out alright. Who the parents love, whether male or female, has no effect on their children.
No one can help who they fall in love with. Its just natural to gravitate towards someone. So is it actually logical to treat someone differently because they are happy with a certain person? "The heart wants what the heart wants."
The bible may speak of Adam and Eve, but it also says love thy neighbor. Some Christians like to use the bible as an excuse for not supporting gay rights or gay marriage. Are you truly showing your neighbor love if you vote against gay marriage and stand outside churches protesting the wedding between two women/men? There is also a verse in the bible that says we are created in the image of God. If all people are created by god, then why would he make people gay? If god wanted every person to be with the opposite sex then why doesn't he? Some believe god created them like this to make them strong. He wants them to teach others to be strong, whether it be one person or one million people.
Our constitution was created specifically to state the rights of the people. This country was founded on freedom. So why would you let a man and woman marry but not two men or women. It is a clear violation of our rights to limit us on who we can marry.