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Less than 15 minutes can put our kids at risk.

15 Minutes Per Day

An analysis of more than 9.9 million students found that only those students who read 15 minutes or more per day made accelerated reading gains. Students who had less than 15 minutes of daily engaged reading time saw below-average reading gains, putting them at risk of falling behind their peers. Students who read between just over a half-hour and an hour per day saw the greatest gains of all.

54 Percent of All Students

Worryingly, more than half of all students do not get enough daily reading practice. A mere 18 percent of students read 30 minutes or more per day, and another 28 percent had 15 to 29 minutes of daily engaged reading time. The remainder—54 percent—read less than 15 minutes per day!

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Upcoming Events

December Events

  • (12/4) Blood Drive
  • (12/6) No School Students
  • JHGBB @ RR vs. Saratoga 12/12:45 PM
  • (12/12) Winter Concert 4:30 PM
  • (12/13) No School Students
  • HSBB @ HEM (Carbon County Tournament)
  • (12/14) JHGBB @ RR (Carbon County Tournament)
  • HSBB @ HEM (Carbon County Tournament)
  • (12/17) Fall Sports Banquet 6:00 PM
  • (12/20) No School
  • HSBB @ Lingle Tournament
  • (12/21) HSBB @ Lingle Tournament
  • (12/20-1/6) Winter Break

Longhorn Nation

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Halloween Fun

Students from Ms. Findley's 3/4 class were all dressed up for Halloween.
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Halloween Assembly

Rock River students enjoy the candy they received during the annual RR Halloween Parade.
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Pumpkin Patch

RR students select their pumpkins via the RR pumpkin patch.
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Veterans Day

K-3 students perform at the Veterans Day Assembly under the direction of Mr. Stowe.

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Honoring Veterans

RR was fortunate enough to have some actual veterans in attendance for our assembly. This included a special appearance by Mr. Bock who is currently on deployment.
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