Kaitlynn Bono


About Me

My name is Kaitlynn, I go by Katie, and I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My family is large, but not in the way you would think. Only one of my siblings, my sister Kirsten, is full blood. I have a half brother and sister, Keara and Dustin. They add 2 more siblings, because they're both married. My parents are together and apart in many ways. More apart than together, but we're still a family. My mom is the glue that holds us together, and my favorite person in the world. Even though I hate her sometimes.

I'm and 8th grader at Osage Trails Middle School. I am involved in many things, including NJHS and Track. Earlier in the year I did Cross Country as well and hope to do Dance next year. I don't have a very interesting life outside of school. I like to read. In the last week I've read two books. I also like photography and hanging out with friends. I almost forgot about Youth Court, I do that as well.

I'm just a normal teenage girl it seems. I aspire to be a Lawyer or Surgeon. Both take years of school to complete. I was larger than life dreams. I want to join the schools dance team next year even though I haven't done dance since I was like 10. I will try and I will, hopefully, succeed. If I do though it will occupy my life to an extreme. It is hundreds of dollars to start and to maintain, also I will have to practice 5 days a week during the summer and 4 during the school year. I will have zero social life. Well that's me.