Sports Engineers

By: Caden

What They Do

Sports engineers design and make all equipment you use on the field. There goal is to make the is to make gear for you to use on the field.

The guy on the right is testing some thing he made for the sport of baseball. They design, test, see how the can make it better, then execute the plan. The other cool part is you can test your design with top athletes. You are like the test pilot!

An introduction to sports engineering

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Degree and Responsibility

There is not a degree that is suited for becoming a sports engineer. Some things you could have are: Mechanical, bio-medical chemical, materials, manufacturing, industrial, computer and electrical could all make the world of sports better.

Some responsibility they have are:

  • Designing systems for testing such as impact;
  • building and testing prototypes;
  • analyzing the human body to prevent injury;
  • developing or designing new light weight materials that will be more comfortable and help with impact.
  • creating human friendly systems so that manufacturing is easier and they can produce more product faster and easier;
  • developing software or hardware to aid in pressure or impact detection analysis;
  • and much more!


The average salary is $85,860 or $41.28 per hour. If you are really good at the job then you can earn up to $126,800, or $60.96 per hour. At the low end you can earn $51,680, or $24.85 per hour.

Where they Work and the Future

Sports engineers work at a lot of places. They could be at a computer lab designing a piece of equipment or at the plant manufacturing the product. They could even be at the field with some amazing athlete testing their product!

There is going to be a demand for this job because people are always trying to make sports safer and people are always looking for the new technology that will help athletes around the globe.

On Sports Science, Drew Brees

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In conclusion, Engineers will make are lives easier and simpler as we go on in life. We will have great technology that will be so advance we will be able to reach new heights and the possibility's will be endless. They will help the world a lot for humans and nature.

I would love to be a sports engineer. I love sports and I would like to help make sports more fun and safe for people of all ages. I think it would be cool to work with major athletes and share the love of sports.