Personal Resilience & Mental Health

Blue Week presents our Keynote Speakers Evening

Is Mental Health inevitable in high stress situations? Or can Personal Resilience help?

The current Beyond Blue national survey of Medical Students and Doctors released in 2013 left many in the medical community stunned. With rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation significantly higher in the medical profession, in comparison to other professions and the community at large.

At Griffith, the student Medical Society, GUMS is working to challenge the stigma doctors face when seeking help with mental well being. One of our initiatives is to provide a forum for open discourse on the topic of mental health, our Key Note Speakers Evening.

The theme for the evening hopes to challenge and extend our audience and our speakers...

"Is Mental Illness and Distress inevitable in High Stress careers? Or can Personal Resilience provide a protective Barrier against illness?"

To answer this question we've invited a number of high profile members of our community both Medical and otherwise to break the stigma on talking about Mental Illness and discuss their successful strategies to deal with stress.

Griffith University Gold Coast Campus

Wednesday, July 23rd, 6pm

G40 Health Building, Parklands Drive


6 - 6.10pm: Welcome from GUMS

6.10- 6.25 pm: Dr Claire Mcallister, RMO GCUH

6.25-6.40pm: Paul Grainger, Greatness Via Passion

6.40-6.55pm: Councillor Dawn Crichlow, OA

6.55-7.10 pm: Psychiatric Registrar

Conclusion Dinner: Noodle Box with Gold Coin Donation

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