Clint Dempsey

The man, the myth, the legend!!!!!!

Short explanition

Clint has inspired many young athletes and is one of the best soccer players in the nation

5 interesting facts about Clint

1) 2004 MLS rookie of the year

2) #8 selection in the 2004 MLS Superdraft

3) Has appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman

4) Is the US Men's National team's captain

5) Is a 3 time US soccer male athlete of the year

2 key figures in his life that brought him to succes

1) His coach Farshid Niroumand, who he met at age seven has been with him with every step of the way

2) His parents who were willing to drive to Dallas three times a week just to make their boy happy


Born March 9, 1983

2 ways he has effected Texas

Clint made soccer more popular all around the state and he gave all of the small town folks something to lookup to

2 reasons why i chose this person

1)I love soccer and Demsey is sort of a idol to me

2)Dempsey has made a huge impact on the way soccer is treated in the area

Clint Dempsey on ESPN's E60 show