Weekly Update for 1-19-2020

Joan MacQueen Middle School

Principal Message

The year 2020 is in full swing and our first semester has come to a close. Report cards are currently being updated and when they are distributed to students, I will let you know by phone and text message.

We have also completed our second-semester scheduling. I am pleased to share that we were able to open four new elective opportunities for students. In order to accommodate those new electives, some student schedules needed to change as the teacher's class periods may have changed. Schedules are available via StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Student rosters will be printed and posted on Tuesday. These will help students get to their first class where new schedules will be distributed.

We did everything in our power to eliminate unnecessary changes. 80% of students will retain all of their core teachers (English, Math, Science and Social Studies). We recognize that in some cases students will not end up with a schedule that they like. If that is the case, students can fill out a change request that can be picked up in the counseling center or the office. Change requests will be accepted through Friday, January 24th.

We have approximately 50 sixth grade students who have not turned in the paperwork for sixth grade camp. It is a fantastic trip that we hope every middle schooler will experience. We have extended the registration deadline until Wednesday, January 22nd. If financial assistance os needed please email me at ccurrigan@alpineschools.net.

During morning drop off please pull forward to the furthest crosswalk. Stopping at the first set of stairs may be a little more convenient for students arriving, however it does hamper traffic flow and makes for a less safe drop off.

Lastly, this past week we have had the driver of a blue Ford Explorer drive erratically during drop off and pick up. On Friday, this driver did a "donut" in the drop off zone and then drove out the entrance. If you have any information about the identity of this driver we would be happy to pass it along to law enforcement before they seriously injure themselves or one of our students.

Important Yearbook Information for 8th-Grade Parents!

It is your child’s last year in middle school and they are the leaders of the JMMS campus! You will want to get a yearbook and an 8th-Grade Celebration Ad to honor their hard work over the past three years! Both are very easy to order! Once ordered, Herff-Jones keeps a detailed list showing that you have ordered and it is done!

Go to: yearbookordercenter.com

Type in the JMMS number: 8280

You will see two options: Buy a Yearbook and Buy a Yearbook Ad

Yearbooks - The cost is $55! Our book is 100 color pages, plus the World Yearbook insert that shows the major stories of the year around the world.

Yearbook Ads - These are JUST for 8th-grade students and parents get to create them! It’s a great way to surprise your child. There are three ad sizes to choose from: quarter page ($55), half page ($100) and full page. ($150). All are full color. Parents write the copy, choose the pictures and do the layout! You can work on your ad over time by creating an ad account with a password that allows you to access your work. Many parents whose kids are friends combine their ads into one, which is also fun. If you have problems, you can call a helpline and a technician will lead you step by step through the process. It’s a great system!

Baby Photos - This is only for 8th-grade students! Send in a baby picture of your child by email to rskovmand@alpineschools.net to go into the yearbook! No naked babies, please! Dress code applies! This is one of the favorite spreads in our yearbook for all kids. Make sure to send in one your child's cutest picture with their name attached!

Extra-Curricular Activities- What does your child do for fun when not in school? In this section, parents share great pictures of their children doing what they love to do outside of school! Email your photos to rskovmand@alpineschools.net. No team sports shots, please. These are the copyright of the photographer that took them. Please make sure to include a photo caption that explains exactly what is happening and with the names of all of the people in the picture.

Break Activities -
Parents with students in all grades can submit pictures of their child having fun over the winter and spring breaks. Send your photos to rskovmand@alpineschools.net. Please make sure to include a photo caption that explains exactly what is happening and with the names of all of the people in the picture.

Phones on Campus

We are all aware that middle school in 2020 is not the same as junior high school when we grew up. Today, cell phones, while powerful tools for learning are also often used to spread negative messages instantly. In order to do our part in reducing the impact of social media on students, phones will need to be shut off and placed in backpacks during the school day.

Students with visible Air-pods, phones or other electronics out during school will have those items confiscated and they will need to pick them up in the office after school. If the confiscation of their electronics becomes habitual those items will be held in the office for parents to collect. As always, thank you for your support.