NBPS Technology Department

December's Monthly Newsletter

Teacher Highlight

On December 10th, two teachers Crystal Favours and Lisa Capote, worked diligently to provide Professional Development on the importance of Student Led Conferences and Digital Portfolios. Their hard work stemmed from the Student Accountability Committee led by Alba Lugo, who has been working towards the goal of providing training to all schools on why teachers should include both these practices in their classrooms. This past year, Crystal and Lisa have successfully provided training not only at our schools here in New Brunswick, but also volunteered to provide training at EdCamp this year. We are extremely proud of their work, and we will continue to support them on their journey to make this goal in our district a successful one.

Flexible Seating At Its Best

Flexible seating is a new way to engage students in learning, by providing a comfortable and fun environment that does not reflect the traditional classroom appearance. In our district, Kelly Miller a teacher in Lord Stirling Community School, used the idea of flexible seating, to create amazing spaces for students to use throughout the day. Students can freely move around the room to complete assignments, collaborate with each other, and work closely with the teacher in an environment that enhances their learning.

For ALL technology related issues, please submit a Technology (IT) Work Order. This includes computers not working, printers, interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, Chromebooks, staff laptops, wireless issues, login issues, email, setting up projectors for PD opportunities, etc. Please DO NOT use SchoolDude to submit technology work orders.

In addition, if you require assistance in setting up an LCD projector for a presentation, PD or outside presenter, please submit a Technology (IT) Work Order and as a backup "reminder" please email your building tech a day or two before as a reminder.

You can ONLY access the Technology (IT) Work Order system from within the district. Your username is firstname_lastname and use your network login password

Subscription of The Month

Did you know we have a wonderful subscription called World Book. World Book is an online encyclopedia that is updated daily on current events as well as houses information on history, math, science, etc. It is a great online tool that provides appropriate, safe, and reliable information for all ages. It is a great starting point to find information on any topic without having to worry about information that is unreliable or inaccurate.

Students can:

  • search for information
  • read about Current Events
  • find images
  • watch videos
  • create and find important historical timelines
  • find science experiments
  • read articles that are cited
  • find extension resources
  • explore by topic such as Places, Biographies, Animals, Insects, etc.

Teachers can:

  • provide a safe environment for students to research at their appropriate level
  • search to find articles that are written for students
  • show images, videos, and timelines that are classroom friendly
  • use extension resources to help enhance their lesson
  • teach cross curricular concepts
  • use as a Current Events resource that is student friendly

Note: World Book can be found right on your Clever Portal.

Tweet about your World Book experience this month using #NBWorldBook.

*Please, be mindful to only post images of students who have a signed media release form.

Chromebook Tricks and Tips

Pinning A Tab

Are there certain websites that you always go to? (OnCourse, Google Classroom, Gmail, etc.) Google Chrome allows you to pin a tab in the browser to gain access quickly. Tabs are automatically open when you start your browser, and cannot be closed, only unpinned. To pin a tab, right click on the Chrome browser tab you want and choose “Pin Tab.”


Control-Shift-T will reopen the last 10 tabs that have been closed in your Chrome browser! So many times this will come in handy for so many reasons, right?

(What a perfect teacher tip for when you walk past a student who nervously X’s out of something just as you approach…this might definitely be a trick you could use!)

Technology Department Help Desk

  • The Technology Department can be reached from 7:00 AM until 4:30 PM at extension 5555.
  • Please enter a work order for any non emergency technology issues.